The effect of making crystal ball with PPT2007

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A few days ago on the network to see an article, introduced how to use PPT2003 to make crystal ball effect, feel very interesting, according to the prompts to try in the PPT2007, suddenly feel not to start, because PPT2003 and PPT2007 changes are relatively large, a lot of things have changed or disappeared. But after the author's efforts, and finally successfully achieved in the PPT2007 production of crystal ball. The specific steps are as follows:

Figure 1 Effect chart

First step; draw a positive circle

We set the background to blue, adjust the transparency to 20%, the Start toolbar-Drawing tab-shape-Select the "Circle" inside the base shape (Figure 2). Hold down SHIFT and start painting, this is a positive circle!

Figure 2 Drawing a positive circle

Step two: Set the color of the line

Right-click the circle you just drew, select Format shape, and the Format Shape dialog box pops up. Then we first adjust the line color to the background color, here we choose blue, set the transparency to 50% (as shown in Figure 3).

Figure 3 Setting the color of the line

Step three: Fill the color settings

This is a more interesting place, first check "gradient fill", and then select the type is "path", the following is set gradient aperture, select "Aperture 1", and then drag "end position" to 80%, color select "Red", transparency is 0% (Figure 4).

Figure 4 Setting of aperture 1

Then select the gradient Stop drop-down list, select "Aperture 2", end position is 0%, color select "White", and transparency is 0% (Figure 5).

Figure 5 Setting of Aperture 2

Closes the Format Shape dialog box, and you get the graphic shown in Figure 6.

Fig. 6 The effect chart of the positive circle

Fourth step: Draw the graph two

Continue to select the drawing tool, draw a circle (figure II) in the previous steps, right-click to open Format shape, and set the color in the line to the "Wireless Bar" color; " Fill, select Gradient fill, set the fill type to linear, the angle to 90°, the gradient stop 1 end position to 100%, the color selection white, and the transparency to 100%; Gradient stop 2 "end position is 0%, color is white, transparency is 20%, as shown in Figure 7."

Figure 7 setting of graph two

Closes the dialog box with the effect shown in Figure 8.

Fig. 8 The effect diagram of graph two

Fifth step: Assemble the graphic

Drag the 24-week handle of the graph to make the shape two deformed, which can be done in reference to the effect diagram. Then drag the deformed figure two to the positive circle, and adjust the position to the effect as shown in Figure 1.

See if it's a crystal ball effect?

Some changes have occurred in the gradient fill in the ps:powerpoint2007, such as the "Two-color gradient" in the original PPT2003, which is now replaced by a "gradient aperture."

This production is more rough, interested friends in this foundation to do a lot more personality expansion ...

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