The financial battlefield of a good man

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Whether in a situation or in a mall, a person must be valuable.

Once the decision is made, considerMeans.

How to express value? In the field of affection, it is manifested in "stepping on" the other party to the altar. If you step on the right, for example, when you first meet the nurse, you will talk about the "Uniform temptation" of Japanese Av ", in fact, this essence is not a healthy topic, but it reflects the unique personality of the old eight. To reflect self-value, first, we must correct our position, that is, I am the best of you.

In my mind, I am in the operator situation.

Afterwards, I talked about the spark-shining thing. teasing the other party is the best chance of a spark. After the spark-shining, I want to express my affection to the other party, however, this kind of goodwill must make the other Party feel "very honored" to accept this kind of goodwill and return to the subject at the beginning. On the battlefield, we must express our own value. This once again reflects the book's point of view: interactions between people are always accompanied by comments about what you are doing and what temperament you reveal, it is high value (the other party will be willing to communicate with you), low value (disdain for communication) or even value.

So how to realize your high value is packaging, which is actually not true, but it is very important to fool others. For example, we mentioned a very successful insurance sales, it is through organized and continuous packaging that we have established and recognized relationships with customers.

There are two methods: one is to step on the other side, the other is to package yourself so that the other side feels you need (or may need you later ); the hardest thing is to be able to achieve the goal level through self-cultivation.

The self-value between gender and gender is to spark each other. The spark is to create two opposite emotions (love and hate) in the other's mind ); in a broader field, the embodiment of self-worth lies in making the other Party feel the need for you. For example, the successful insurance salesman mentioned in the Article wraps himself into a rich man, and makes the rich man feel that there may be cooperation in the future;

Success cannot be credible. Men do not need to ask about their careers and goals, and then ask about solutions.

These two types of people are difficult to cheat. One is special services. Understanding all people's behaviors is motivated and will constantly analyze the motives of the opposite party's performance. The other is calm people, a thoughtful person, just like the teacher of the author, can judge whether the other person has sex within 24 hours based on a person's subtle actions. If you want not to be deceived, you need Yin and Yang eyes, we can see the opposite side's superficial behavior and the motive behind it. Many female's speeches and even requirements have two meanings: yin and yang. Here, Yin and Yang are not the opposite, but the superficial and substantive meanings.

You can neither do anything nor show too much, so you can step on her with the right time in a timely manner. In this way, you can attract her attention (to chase her without chasing her ); when you step on it, there will be a spark. the spark is to make her feel love (your ridicule) and hate (your "pedaling "); as a result, I will express your affection in the twinkling of an eye. Remember that this kind of affection is high. For example, I have seen many XXX and the poet YYY once talked about cloud and cloud; in short, there are some high-end expressions that make her feel your elegance, feel that she has found a high-value person, upgrade her goodwill, and become a loving person; at this time, your eyes and tone must be a kind of noble, authoritative feeling, so that she can feel your warmth and a kind of positive energy; in this way, you will feel at your heart (the essence of your mind is peace of mind and security. Although each woman has different interpretations of security, the high value and authority must be the Foundation ).

In fact, malls are the same, and experts are always "Both true and false". This kind of performance is the easiest to confuse, just as the hotel attendant suggested that you use less, after building trust and care with you, you will let the waiter recommend it. At this time, the waiter will kill the customer, or the lady server that the boss mentioned at the beginning of the article will see, in a real sense; to cope with the master level is the depth of yin and yang eye skill: to which extent can we analyze whether the other side is sincere or false Based on the observed information. The premise of feeling each other's details is to feel their own emotions. People who are calm also have emotions, but they are good at perceiving their own emotions and understanding what information the other party has to make them feel this sentiment.

Most of the complaints between couples are from the east to the west. Therefore, we must carefully analyze the internal intention of complaints from the opposite sex. Even some women may not be clear about their intentions, we still need your guidance and guidance. The so-called Yin and Yang eyes actually refer to the observation of mountains, not mountains, not water, and the essence of things. However, it must be clear that the practice of this "Yin and Yang eyes" comes from the observation at ordinary times, for example, a real smile and a fake smile (the beauty critic's "don't care whether or not to win") change his face (the love and strictness of Japanese businessmen );

A woman wants "people" instead of people hiding behind free services. The scenes described in movies and TV series, how girls and a good-hearted man are actually deceiving people. Such scenes may appear, but the chances of being met by the masses are too small; first, the chance of free services is small, so the chance of falling in love with a man behind the scenes is smaller. When the man behind the scenes really appears, the probability that the service girl is still in love is almost a negative number, so do not stick to the small probability.

Another misunderstanding of men is to use "money" to attract girls. This will also make girls fall in love with your "money" and those who fall in love with you become a by-product; do not focus on the "services" and "Materials" that are provided. These are external objects or marginal objects, which will lead girls to pay attention to these things and ignore the individual. People are actually complex complexes. If you want to get a sense of true feelings in gender interactions, use your inner to attract them, such as your "talent ", your "big picture"; make friends, use your "sincerity", learn more and other aspects to contact people.

The dead point of good people is "maintaining the image of good people". They are the most afraid of offending people. A real man is characterized by "maintaining and operating my territory". They have no mercy on the attackers;

Similarly, if you want to make the other Party believe in you and are "honored", you must adopt the "true and false" approach; use part of the truth to gain trust, use some "fake" resources (such as those in reverence and material or money ).

Do not be a good gentleman. It is easy for women to create an impression of your "good gentleman" and "helping", rather than an image of yourself. In fact, the imagination of the Helper itself is a kind of "low value" performance; remember that in the yearning, self and their interactions with each other are the main course, and help is the auxiliary course. For example, some girls tell you to be considerate and take care of the cloud. In fact, girls may feel that they are in a "low value" status. If you really follow their requirements, then you are under your feet. Girls often use tricks, so they all have a pair of "Yin and Yang eyes". You can see the truth behind the scenes.

The only magic weapon that fails to establish a good gentleman is "trouble others ". What's more, the first impression is very important. In fact, it is not the first impression, but the interaction method. This determines the value of you (in the relationship) and the position between you. If the other party really needs your help, you must get something, or make the other Party feel "happy" with your help. In other words, your help is to establish a kind of worship and appreciation that she adds to you. There are two ways to help this "high value": paid help, helping people use the power of the outside world. The essence of any help by hand will actually weaken personal value. Once again, these concepts and behavior patterns occur when you pursue the other party. When the other party has accepted you and has become a "person of your own, the definition of "yourself" is that she has been deeply rooted in recognizing your high value (this requires confirmation of time and relationships, such as your wife and tie Ding's girlfriend ), you can help her in real sense at this time, because what you do at this time is based on an acknowledgment, and your contribution has been recognized by the other party, and you can even deeply touched the other party, however, when the relationship has not been confirmed and she has not yet made a fixed impression on you, be sure to maintain this "high value" mentality.

Mutual Assistance between relatives and friends is acceptable, because female is born with a kind of boys' awareness of serving me (this subconscious provides self-worth ), once you establish this mechanism in your dealings with her, your value will be "low", but your friends and relatives will be different, your help actually establishes a superior position. This kind of help sets up your image and improves your position. In addition, the boss has nothing to do with the home of employees and should not be benevolent to them, once you build a weak and easy-to-compromise mechanism, the other party will think that you have no opinion or control.

In fact, the architecture of this book is clever. Its structure is generally how others do it or how a certain model is dangerous (such as half-truth-half-false). How do you put it apart and prevent it (Yin and Yang eyes ), then we will talk about how you want to do it (better, for example, to make the other Party feel honored for your contribution and to provide your own value) to achieve your own goals; another structure is how you do it (such as conditional payment and high value) and how to make others (such as making more sacrifices ).

To pay, you must have the conditions to establish your own values and status. To be clear, you must pay attention to your feelings and opinions only when you do; so how to make the other party care about something, such as feelings with you, must make her pay for you and have the love to give. In fact, the same is true for educating children, only by letting him really do something for his family, such as packing his house and cooking, can he really care about and maintain the family, so that he can be sensible, the foundation of understanding is to learn to pay;

The boss must learn to sacrifice his subordinates. Only when the subordinates sacrifice their jobs will the boss really care about his work. Star fan is actually a kind of sacrifice for others; star fan assumes that all requests are answered by the other party, and then waits until the other party refuses to ask for comments. This is the boss's style of doing things. He must habitually command others;

Love is a game that requires sequential rules, such as correcting and confirming your position (whether you are the main character or a secondary role), and the principle of silence (if you are not satisfied, do not let the other party change,

Gender interactions do not always follow each other, but do what I want to do because I want to do it, rather than what you want. For example, if mm wants to eat porridge, you will not sell it to her; instead, wait for a day to suddenly appear in front of her, and then send her porridge; remember that once there were two times, and for the first time, everything was forming your communication model; for example, eating with a sister, you are joking, sister, unhappy, make you apologize. If you make an apology, you will form a mode: she is angry, and you will apologize; then in this mode, your position will be lower; if you think that a girl is angry, you can accept this mode, and you can apologize. If you think that this mode is unacceptable, you don't want her to get angry, then, I will not apologize. So I want to know whether you can tolerate the other party or not, and think about the relationship model you want and accept. She will try to train you, you also try to educate her. In fact, this training and education process is actually a test. Its essence is the process of improving self-value. Therefore, it is impossible for two people with strong self-status to walk together, because they will not regress. The two people together must be willing to be in a lower position? Do you think a woman would like to live with a person who is just equal to her?

In the communication process and communication process, we must pay attention to establishing a rational model. For example, if a female wants you to apologize, if it is reasonable, such as making a joke for the first time, she has a black face, this shows that she really doesn't like such jokes, but if she tries to make these jokes again, she will pretend to be unhappy. However, it is unreasonable to force you to apologize, it is unreasonable. The essence of unreasonable competition is that she wants to strive for a high value. (In fact, the high value of women is one of the least valuable places for women ); at this time, you need to consider whether to obey her, which means that she has a market in your place, and she will do the same in the future, if she is not satisfied with your support, she will not be able to make a fuss. If she still cherishes the relationship with you, she will not make a fuss; therefore, unreasonable and coquetry requests come after in-depth relationships. In fact, this time determines your communication methods in the future. Remember: If she cherishes you, she will definitely come back, if she does not establish a communication mechanism with you, then there is nothing to cherish.

A real man and a leader will compromise based on the situation and the reality, but will never compromise because of the threat. (Of course, if the other party threatens you with a knife, consider it );

Women like to be with male who have the qualities of leadership. In fact, you often do not obey. If you do not accept training, the essence is to show her a kind of leader temperament,So you must be clear about your leadership qualities.? In short, it must not be obedient. You can be strong, you can be good,You must understand where your boundaries are and where your sphere of influence or principles are.In addition, there must be a sense of being a leader and a controller. Remember that the leader is the law of mind. The actual implementation requires means and details, such as how much you know about the situation and how much experience you have accumulated on the situation;

Therefore, in interactions, you need to have a leader (Controller) consciousness to establish interaction models between you. You need to know what interaction models you want to create, if you want to control the establishment of this model, you need to make it clear that you did not let me do this, but I hope this is the case. I have a deep understanding and ideas in this regard; in fact, these are valuable places for men. In fact, the so-called leaders are not necessarily the masters of the business world, but the people who have a sense of creation and control, and have a deep understanding of the situation and long-term planning, you are the leader. in the mall, if you want to understand the situations and know how to start and build and actively implement them, you are the leader in the business world;

Don't worry about face changing. It is normal to have different faces on different issues. For example, Japanese businessmen are calm and calm when talking about irrelevant things, however, once linked to the interests, they will immediately become very serious. In fact, such seriousness is not a hypocritical interpretation of the relaxed status, but it just shows that they are sensitive, we must talk about the issue seriously. They are very clear about where their boundaries are and the measures taken by different boundaries are different;

This is also true for gender interactions. In some cases, you can be tolerant or even pampered with each other. However, in some cases, you have to worry too much about it to let her know your border and joke freely on non-mainstream borders, but in some ways, you cannot feel arrogant. In this way, you can feel that you have a territory, so that she will feel a sense of security. entering your territory is a kind of glory, because you are the leader. Therefore, it is impossible for male and female leaders to achieve a true family. Just like the male and female protagonists who don't cry for me in Argentina, they have their own territories. So they are still playing tricks, the essence of women is to stand in the male's territory for protection. They have a sense of security, and the importance of men is greatly reduced. This makes it difficult to maintain a long-term relationship;

Therefore, it is important to say that men have a sense of control over their own fields. Such men are men; in fact, scum male are very popular with women because they often do not obey women. In fact, they want the opposite sex to convey the following message: I have my claim, I have my chassis; women think that such men have their own fields and can even be dominated. In fact, the essence of scum male and male is the difference between the responsible person and the irresponsible person. Other consciousness and thoughts are actually the same; but remember, women are the people who have their own actions, whether they are misunderstanding or true;

On the other hand, if someone asks you to do what you do, then what you do in time will minimize your value: Because you are obedient, in this way, your position will be low, and your low value will be low. I will build this thing to do what needs to go through my processes and mechanisms. For example, if my girlfriend wants to drink porridge, well, let me build this thing, not just how you want to do it; customers need to change their needs, but they need to follow the change process on our side, instead of making the change; in fact, building with me is to take things to their own fields to do things, so that others can feel the existence of your territory, and then your position will be improved; in this way, your value is not in their territory, but in your territory. Therefore, the value can be big or small. The key is to look at the background, whether the background is in one mu of land or in your own territory. At the same time, since you have pulled things to your own territory, you must do well so that the other party can truly recognize the location of your territorial master, therefore, we must keep track of the details and methods of doing things;

I also want to understand the question: whether you want to make a literary or commercial film.

Note: territory refers to your world view, your understanding and understanding of the relationship and situation, and maintenance and management of territory refers to building and creating your definition of the relationship and situation, for example, the value of male in gender interactions must be high. When you are friends, you must be honest. If you have any flaws, you should not be friends.

The financial battlefield of a good man

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