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For the first time, I used joomla as a website. The website encountered a lot of things and learned a lot. Here I will make a record.

Installation and Use

1. During local installation and testing of joomla, it is best not to use the root account (in Linux), but this is generally not the case .. It wasn't long before I started using Linux at that time. I tried to use the root account to operate it easily. After the installation, I had a bunch of problems, what permissions did I have, and I had to spend two days uploading over FTP, finally, I tried to give up and successfully installed it with a common account.

2. When joomla and some components are installed, it is best not to install sample data. Once I did this, I covered the database, so that everything was gone. Some components, such as flexcontent, will automatically copy the original content and delete the content at the end, which will be very troublesome.

Template Extension

1. Sometimes we feel that part of a template cannot meet our needs, but another one can. We can consider integrating the two templates. First, we can use "& TP = 1" to obtain the module position of the template. After comparison, we can add and delete locations, and then modify the CSS file to achieve the desired effect, you may need to modify the PHP file.

2. Some extensions have some problems with Chinese support. Please use them with caution. For example, when many modules limit the number of words when intercepting introtext, some bugs may occur, even if it is set to a small value, there will still be a lot of content to be displayed (I have never understood how to solve it, please enlighten me ). Many extensions may have problems after deletion. For example, if I delete K2 and reinstall it, I need to delete all the remaining files in joomla.

3. When using some extensions, it is best to install the entire demo site. Don't worry, this will greatly improve your use of related modules, plug-ins, and components. Only by setting the parameters of the background module and corresponding associated files can your module achieve the demo effect and the components play the role of the demo. I personally think this is also the most effective aspect of joomla extension learning.

4. Read the relevant documents carefully before using various extensions, especially various large components, to avoid many problems. The most notable problems are the full-site crash caused by the opening of some SEF components. if you carefully read the documentation, you can completely avoid such problems.

Some extended usage experiences

Because the main purpose of the website is to display products, I have used many extensions in this area. At the beginning, we used the content extensions provided by joomla. However, the Section/category/item architecture has many shortcomings and is most obvious. It is very weak in the face of multi-category nesting. So I tried some third-party content display components:

1. flexcontent

You can back up the original content during installation. Nothing else to test. It seems like K2.

2. sobi2

Prepare to use Sobi for product demonstration at the beginning (K2 cannot be installed and used ). Now, we have studied the function and human nature. You can set whether to hide the link. Unlimited category nesting with a built-in tag system, which provides functions such as download, Image Library, media library, comment, and rating. But in the end, I think it is more suitable for product directories related to geography, such as real estate, which can connect to Google Earth and define parameters such as price and address. At the same time, it has a module that can be searched based on these indexes. The effect is similar to selecting specific parameters to locate the product. At the same time, its SEF plug-in settings are also very convenient, and the generated URL effect is very good.

3. K2

I finally chose K2 for product release. The basic functions of K2 are similar to those mentioned above, and they are not even as powerful as they are, but they are quite handy. It also meets the requirements of product information and news articles. However, K2 is a little difficult to set up in SEF, And the K2 plug-ins of ACE joomsef and shs404sef both charge fees. Later, I made a component called SEF advance 2008, and indeed generated a good URL-similar to-Category 1/Category 2/Category 3/.../project URL. However, it can only be used for five days, and the purchase price is high. Finally, I used artio joomsef. The following is a discussion of this component.

4. receivemart

Although it is useless, I have seen a lot of modules about this component. Some of the results are very gorgeous and practical. You can search for them by yourself.

5. jdownloads

Powerful download components, including credit download and delayed download functions. There is a bug where you cannot create a Chinese directory, but there is a solution on the Internet. I personally think that if there are not special requirements or special download functions, it is ideal to consider other lightweight download components.

6. xmap

Website map generation components, however, always have various problems when used together with third-party components, and some cannot be solved even if the plug-in is installed. I personally think that the website map can be generated using an online tool or software, and you can modify the style and put it on the page, or create a content page, which is better.

7. artio joomsef

SEF generation component, I also only use it to generate the sef url of K2. I need to traverse all pages and find all connections and manually modify them (if there is a better way, please be sure to inform ). You can also customize the title. I am not very familiar with the support of other third-party components. Modify. htaccess after installation. Otherwise, problems may occur.

8. akeeba backup

Formerly known as joompack, joompack is a powerful backup and restoration component that can be used to migrate websites. However, pay attention to the migration, in the server first create a database, sort it into utf8-general-ci, otherwise directly restore the generated database, the front-end Chinese will be displayed ?.

Performance Optimization and Seo

1. Many modules are indeed gorgeous, but the cost of JS and CSS is also high. At the same time, many foreign template modules do not support IE6 very well. Personal recommendations use elegant and simple modules and less dynamic effects. After all, no one wants to enter a website for 2 or 3 minutes.

2. enable full-site cache and gzip compression, compress JS and CSS files, and merge the files as needed. For gzip compression, I encountered a situation where there was compression during local testing, but it was ineffective on foreign hosts, no matter how I modified it. htaccess file and PHP. the INI file does not reach the goal. In fact, we can choose some optimization plug-ins, such as icespeed, jch optimize, and jfinalizer.

3. Disable unused plug-ins, but be cautious. You are advised to check the plug-ins online if they are unprefixed. For example, if I disabled the user plug-in, the background could not be logged on. Even if the account password is correct, the plug-in remains on the logon page. For intra-site search, you can use Google intra-site search to disable the search plug-in. Pay attention to the plug-in sequence. For example, after joomfish is installed, database syntax errors may occur due to the order of the two plug-ins.

4. Good at using tools. For example, use yslow and pagespeed for page optimization. Use senseo to analyze the page keywords. Use punypng to compress images, which has a better effect than Smush, but has a size limit of K. At the same time, it is not convenient to use smush. You can also use a variety of online diagnostic tools to constantly optimize the page and try to make sure there are no errors, no dead links, no 404, no extra details. Make the Website access speed optimal.

5. For URL-specific Seo, Although Baidu has said that it directly captures dynamic URLs, some components of joomla cause the question mark (?) in the URL ?, & Too many, and looks messy. Therefore, the SEF of the URL is necessary. I personally think the URL should be consistent with the bread navigation. For example, if the navigation is homepage-Category 1-Category 2-product, the corresponding URL can be domain/category1/category2/item. The URL contains only Chinese characters.

6. Plug-ins that automatically generate mate tags (including META keywords and your meta description) generally have problems, such as the number of cited words captured and the quality of captured content. Therefore, it is recommended that you hand it by yourself, which not only highlights the key, but also highly shell customization. For those category pages, you can capture the page through the SEF component and then edit it.

7. Other tips, such as disabling useless functions on the document page, such as printing, PDF, and email. When processing PNG images in IE6, use dd_belatedpng.js.

The above are some of my experiences on using joomla at this stage ~ Thank you for your advice.

This article was first published on the blog of Shanghai People's electric switch factory Co., Ltd.

Reprinted please keep link

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