The design of electronic Commerce website Commodity Evaluation module

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For consumers, to buy the same goods, more or less will be affected by others, a variety of information aggregation in the minds of consumers, they jointly affect the occurrence of a single transaction. One of the most important information is the evaluation of others ' goods.

Commodity evaluation is a very common function of the Electronic Business site module. Let's take a look at the information structure of commodity evaluations.

Commodity evaluation is roughly divided into two categories, one is the commodity score, now is generally five stars of the scoring standard, the other is a commodity review, mainly by the consumer comments composition.

First, commodity grading

Scoring is usually five stars to quickly rate the user's operation is very intuitive, do not need to give a specific score, directly click on the Star.

From the point of view of the process, the star can be refined, divided into high praise, evaluation and evaluation of three categories, the following figure of Nora, Jingdong, No. 1th Shop, if further refinement, can be similar to the nameless good products of very satisfied, satisfied, general, dissatisfaction, very dissatisfied, more can be similar to the visitors such as the sub-project scoring, such as comprehensive scoring, appearance score , comfort.

Judging from the results, you can directly use the star to show the average rating, such as the following picture in the wheat bag, Dream Bazaar, Jing Dong, every guest, can also increase the display of scores, such as the image below the unknown good product score of 4.7 points.

Second, commodity review

The value of scoring information to users is still very limited, and if users want to know more about the product, they are more than happy to view user comments.

The simple way is that users can only send their own comments, comments do not allow replies, such as the following picture in the wheat bag, dream Bazaar, Nameless good products and Nora.

A more complex approach can be added to the usefulness of no evaluation button, the following figure shop 1th, the user, in addition to their own product reviews can also be other users of the product reviews, the advantage is to increase the credibility of the product comments. For example, user A wants to buy a product, but sees a bad comment on the product page at this point, the description of the difference may have a big impact on A's purchase, and if he sees a lot of useless comments from other users next to the comment, that a is likely to ignore the difference, and, conversely, Give it a lot of useful evaluation, that a will pay more attention to this bad comment.

A more complex approach can continue to increase the functionality of the reply, the following figure in the Jingdong and the visitors, users can reply to other users of the product reviews, in general, this practice applies to the purchase factor more complex products. In the picture below the Jing Dong screenshot is the product page of a notebook, and its comments and replies are many.

In addition, commodity reviews can also be combined with commodity ratings, for example, Shop No. 1th and Jingdong, according to the comments by the praise, the assessment and the evaluation of the classification, especially in a lot of time, the classification of view will provide users with great convenience, of course, this also applies to the purchase factor more complex products, Users need to refer to more comprehensive advice when buying, such as laptops.

From the following list of several sites, some of the site to do the evaluation of goods is very simple, such as wheat bag, but also some sites to do the commodity evaluation is very complex, such as jingdong, simple or complex no absolute good difference, mainly to refer to the needs of users.

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Design of Evaluation module for Electronic Business website Commodity

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