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Greek alphabet, we know it from primary school, but the pronunciation of it I still rely on Meng (say Mongjin feel good shame AH). Especially in the university mathematical analysis, the Greek alphabet is super many, many classical formula, all by the Greek letter to express. It naturally becomes an indispensable symbol in the field of mathematics, transforming the complex content of mathematics into a clear and approachable one.

Today, why should we talk about Greek letters? Still have to the day before I write latex with ε said, in Baidu Encyclopedia found is Ε, symbol is not what I want, immediately to Baidu's abhorrence of the sudden increase several times. Google found the correct way to do so, of course, including other commonly used Greek letters, but also to introduce the Greek alphabet uppercase lowercase form. When you think about what you want to use, write it down for subsequent uses of the query. Do your homework, easy to yourself, and achieve yourself. Enjoy it, ease. The use of Greek alphabet in latex

Latex in the Greek alphabet as a formula to write, $$ symbols written inside, with a slash + Greek alphabet symbols. Greek letters in the form of latex

For ease of understanding, show the way to write Greek letters in code symbols.


Ε Greek alphabet Letters lowercase, uppercase latex form Greek letter lowercase, uppercase latex form αa \alpha aμn \mu nβb \beta bξξ\xi \xiγγ\gamma \gamma o o oδδ\ delta \ Delta π Π \pi \Pi ϵ ε E \epsilon \varepsilon E ρ ϱ P \rho \varrho P ζ Z \zeta Z σ Σ \sigma \Sigma η H \eta H τ T \ Tau Tθϑθ\theta \vartheta \thetaυυ\upsilon \upsilonιi \iota iϕφφ\phi \varphi \phiκk \kappa kχx \chi xλλ The use of \lambda \lambdaψψ\psi \psiμm \mu Mωω\omega \omega Greek alphabet in other programming languages

In other programming languages, the use of implicit latex, namely:


If you have a formula, use it the same way.

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