The latest news shows that Google's withdrawal from China has become a foregone conclusion.

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The latest news shows that Google's withdrawal from China has become a foregone conclusion.

A netizen blew up, the morning Google Chinese staff held a general meeting, the General Assembly of the U.S. boss made clear that the negotiations with the Chinese government failed, Google China officially dissolved. All staff had a meal at noon, everyone in the afternoon to see the avatar, all staff to obtain six months of paid annual leave as compensation, and allow competition in the United States Headquarters or Asia branch vacant positions.

A Google repaying compensation program for its employees is also exposed on the web forums. The program shows that employees working at Google will be compensated according to the length of their work, and that the old employees will receive "n+5" or "n+6" monthly compensation, and that the new employee will receive a "n+1" or "n+2" monthly salary compensation.

The news of Google's withdrawal from China has sparked a stark contrast between the various countries ' views on the matter.

Some Republican lawmakers, applauded, even called on the three US information technology giants to follow Google's example and fully assess their operations in China. Some media also praised Google for "standing on the right side of history". The German West German newspaper said that by playing good people in the west to attract more business, this may be the most profitable in China, Google and the real motives of the conflict between China. "In the past few years, it is Google's own choice to cooperate with Beijing to filter itself out," the French Tribune questioned, "Why did it suddenly find that it was hateful to do so by 2010, and suddenly to fight China?"

On the afternoon of 14th, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Jiang Yu was the first to comment on the "Google exit Storm" at a regular press conference. She stressed that Chinese law prohibits any form of hacking and that China, like other countries, manages the Internet in accordance with the law, and that the management measures are in line with international practice. China welcomes internet companies to conduct business in China according to law, she said.

Microsoft's chief executive, Ballmer, said Microsoft had no plans to exit the Chinese market. He said, "I don't see how this [Google's approach] can work ... We are well aware that we will work with the Chinese government and we will abide by the laws of China. "

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