The old ancestor old saying Daquan, worth collection!

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1. Do not wash the head, hungry not to bathe. Cold water wash, beauty care. Sweat is down, cold water is not poured. Warm water brush teeth, anti-sensitive teeth.

2. Eat rice bran, eat food with help. The male leaves the leek, the female does not leave Lotus root. Green carrot, sheng gram ripe. The food is not enough to be full, but to lie.

3. The health is moving, the yangxin in the static. The heart is not clean, the mind is born. Peace of mind, where sickness is born. Closed eyes repose, meditation puzzle.

4. Dietary nourishment Sibu, do not forget to fill the heart. To wealth as grass, as a treasure. Smoke, do not eat as well. Deep-fried pickled foam, less to eat for the wonderful.

5. Smelly fish rotten Shrimp, the life of the enemy. Food and clothing at room temperature, one spring. Cold do not ice teeth, hot don't burn lips. When the food is ripe, water boils and begins to drink.

6. Eat more fruits and vegetables and eat less meat. Diet has a section, living sometimes. The head should be cold and the foot should be hot. To be contented, and not to ask for safety.

7. Health in the Qin, Yang Xin in silence.

8. People to old age, must exercise, walk jogging, Lianquan swordplay, not afraid of the cold, clean the courtyard, painting add interest, broad-minded;

9. Wenjiqiwu, the bed is not greedy, planting flowers and birds, learning books, the game of chess, sex mo Greed, private affairs do not read, cheap not accounted for;

10. Activities of the body, expensive in the regular, happy, long life and health; do not anger, labor, not too thick tea, learn not to read;

11. Do not eat food, eating dinner, eat not words, do not smoke; low salt and sugar, do not eat too salty, less fat, rice, not excessive;

12. Daily meals, adjust appropriate, vegetables and fruits, eat more without prevention, fall asleep on time, get up regularly, rise to slow, do not hurry not to panic;

13. Do not drink alcohol, fame and fortune do not drill, angry not born, mind to wide.

14. Heart is not sick, anti-early, good health in mind, heart balance, to know, emotional stability, less disease;

15. Physical exercise, dynamic and static, flexible life and good heart, to feed, eight full, viscera easily self-grooming;

16. People angry, easy aging, appropriate catharsis people laugh, calligraphy and painting, creek fishing, choose to love free choice;

17. Thinking, not tired, think sleep, and less lively, regular, good fitness, normal life to coordinate;

18. Often rubbing hands, can help the brain, to prevent frostbite and colds.

19. Summer does not sleep stone, autumn does not sleep board. Spring does not show the navel, winter not blindfolded. Daytime hyperactivity, the Night less dream.

20. Wash your feet before bed, win the tonic. Open the window at night, a sense of smell. The loss of the lid, not sick is strange.

21. Early to bed and early to rise, refreshing breezy, greedy house sleep, Tim Disease and reduce the age. Grind your teeth at night and crawl in your belly.

22. Eating a pig a day is better than snoring in bed.

23. Three days to eat a sheep, wash your feet and then go to bed.

24. Pillows are not the right choice, the more people sleep more tired.

First sleep the heart, after sleeping, sleeping out of the big beauty.

25. Head to wind, warm, foot to wind, please herbalist.

26. Sleep in the alley, the most poisonous draught.

27. Sleep without lighting, early head not faint.

28. If you want to sleep easily, cut your feet toward the West head east.

Chinese Proverb

Thousands of studies than a look, thousand see not like practice.

Long live slope, not too steep.

The horse looks at the tooth plate, the person watches the words.

Without chills, I do not know the spring is warm.

Do not pick the burden do not know the heavy, do not walk a long way not know.

Not to be sleeping, I do not know the child is wide.

No water, no swimming for a lifetime, do not sail, life will not punting.

Improper home, do not know rice expensive, do not have son, do not know parents en.

Do not touch the bottom of the hand is not black, not to take the oil bottle hand not greasy.

The water falls to the stone, the day sees the heart.

The iron to his own pliers, the farm to the field.

Firewood asked the woodcutter, sailing to ask Boatman.

I'd rather do it than miss it.

Head back fooled, two back to the heart bright.

Send backwater, accumulate mud; your wit.

Hearing is false, seeing is believing.

The old horse knows the way, the old man pass the worldly.

The old man does not Syriac, the epigenetic will lose the spectrum.

Old beef has a chewing head, and the old man has a head to listen to.

The old ginger is spicy, the old man has more experience.

Seeing is believing, it is not a good job to see.

Eat a loss, learn to be good.

Only know the salt meter expensive, go out Cai Xiaolu difficult to walk.

Light said do not practice false bashi, light practice not to say true Bashi, even say with practice all bashi.

More files out of the fast saw, do more long knowledge.

The tree is old and many people are old.

Chop wood up the hill, catch the bird on the tree.

Cut the small head, ask the way to ask the old man.

The sand pot does not tamper, the wood does not chisel through.

The grass cannot conceal the eagle eye, the water cannot conceal the fish eye.

Yaonong into the mountain to see herbs, hunters into the mountains to see animals.

The snake is cold, the wolf is fishy.

Fragrant flowers are not necessarily good-looking, they will not be able to say.

After a setback, a long insight.

By a wide and far-known.

To know the mountains, the countryside asked the old peasant.

Be aware of your parents ' grace, and hold your grandchildren in your arms.

To eat spicy seedlings, to eat carp walk the Yangtze River.

The tree is old and empty, and the old Blackstone.

Proverb Second

One person speaks rational, two people speak Kako.

A three evil, the people are the Hundred evil.

The strength of the moment is strength, the outcome of the eternal is reason.

A reason, hundred harmony.

People are afraid of not, the dog afraid of the end of the clip.

A man is afraid of reason, and a horse is afraid of whips.

A man has a sense of cross, and a horse has a bridle.

More people out of the Nyaya, the valley more good rice.

Do not look at people kiss, to see the smooth.

No clouds in the sky do not rain, no director in the world.

The world's bows are bent, the world's rationale is straight.

Days without 2nd, people have no second reason.

The more the well dig, the more clear the water, the more it is, the more clearly.

Unreasonable flustered, rational bold.

The ox is powerless to drag the cross rake, the person is unreasonable to say cross words.

Sheri, not afraid of trouble.

Sheri, Sheri. The water is big but the boat, Shouda the sky.

The water does not flow, so the reason is not so rough.

The water is retreating from the stone, the good man says not bad.

To reasoning the population, the heart.

Let the person one inch, have a ruler.

To tell the truth, I have no reason to say a word.

Think for a reason, and say without a word.

Rational fear of the potential to pressure, people are not afraid of the shadow crooked.

The reason is not high, there are words in front of.

The rational cannot be lost, unreasonable and indisputable.

Rational win, unreasonable loss.

The rational pendulum to the matter, good steel to the blade.

Rational travel all over the world, unreasonable and unable.

An axe cuts down a tree, and a rational word does not fall.

If you are not in the same, you will say.

Eat rice, talk reasoning.

The Zuiruan of eating people, on the cut short of man.

Eat to eat taste, say to say the rational.

Will walk but shadow, will talk about the reason.

The old ancestor old saying Daquan, worth collection!

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