The old version of "Qiong Yao" is not as good as the old version"

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"I have a dream. I don't know who I can share ......" The night before, Hunan Satellite TV's classic Qiong Yao drama "seeing another dream" finally met the audience. Because the old version of "One curtain of Dreams" is too deeply rooted in the hearts of the people and has become a classic, when the first four episodes of the new version are broadcast, the audience who are expecting too much will immediately express their disappointment, some viewers repeatedly criticized the new version for being too modern and fashionable, so it seemed impetuous and completely lost the original graceful style of qiongyao's novels.


Not as good as the old version of "Qiong Yao"

Both viewings and word of mouth make aunt Qiong Yao heartbroken, and even lost a few years ago, saying that the times have abandoned her. However, this year, Qiong Yao once again went out and acted as the scriptwriter of "see another curtain of Dreams". He made drastic changes to the original work and wanted to make a Chinese love TV series comparable to Korean dramas. Four months later, "see another blind dream" was filmed in the romantic city of Provence in France and Shanghai in China. The day before yesterday, when the show finally unveiled its secret to the audience, it attracted a buzz from the outside. Some viewers said: "qiongyao's novel is to win by Wan Yue. When I watched" a curtain of Dreams ", the artistic conception of the pearl curtain and the poems made by ziling added a lot of literary colors to the novel. However, the new TV series are not only less poetic and straightforward, so it is not attractive ." Some viewers also said: "Does Qiong Yao want to prove that she can keep up with the times? Ziling, a literary girl, becomes an online writer and uses MSN to chat with others. Can these elements ensure that she will not be abandoned by the times? The background of the plot is too modern. There is a beautiful Paris tower, but there is no simple landscape in the qiongyao opera, and there is a complicated relationship between men and women, there is no fierce yundun between men and women."


Only Fang CITIC wins

In the curtain of a dream, ziling, played by Chen derong, made a deduction for the girl who loves to dream through a pair of talking big eyes and a classic atmosphere. Zhang Jiayi, who plays the role of ziling in "seeing a curtain of Shadows", is a new person selected by Hunan Satellite TV. He has never had the experience of "Electric". The biggest cost is "fresh ". However, the comments from netizens are not as satisfied as Aunt Qiong Yao's. "Zhang Jiayi is a girl of moderate colors at most, instead of interpreting the innocence, romance, and emotional processes of ziling in the original work, it leaves a bad impression on people who do not have the temperament, general image, or perform homework, ".

In the old version, Xiao played the role of "green ping" in combination with elegance and charm, which makes it unforgettable, "Green ping" also laid a solid foundation for Xiao Yi to win the title of "first beauty" in the film and TV circle. The new "Green ping" played by Qin LAN did not win the favor of the audience. "At the beginning, she has not yet highlighted her character, and she has not even heard many lines. There is nothing outstanding, in addition, Qin LAN is too stingy and lacks the perfect temperament of the old version ". As a handsome man on the screen, Bao Jianfeng has not made any outstanding achievements over the years. Although the netizen admitted that his shape is more dominant than the old version of Lin ruiyang, but he could not escape the bad luck of being criticized by the netizens, "all age-old, still in the tender, looks uncomfortable, too earthy ".

Without being favored by the audience, Fang Citic's "Fei yunfan" became the only one that can rival the old version of actors. The "Fei yunfan" played by Liu dekai has both a strong volume of books, a "thousands of sails" and a deep feeling of vicissitudes of life. His hands are full and there is a ray of light. "Fei yunfan" in "youhe" is taken over by Hong Kong's tough guy, Fang CITIC. Fang Citic has a strong sense of appearance, but it seems that netizens prefer the tough "Fei yunfan". "fang CITIC and Liu dekai are all different types of men, A tough, but the unique gentle side of fancitic is more restrained and intelligent."


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