The quality that a good software tester must have

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People are the most valuable and important resource in testing, and without a qualified and active Test team, testing is impossible. However, in many companies that do not attach importance to testing, there is a very common habit, that is, the least experienced novice, inefficient developers or those who are not suitable for other jobs to do the testing work. This is definitely a short-sighted behavior, and the skills required to effectively test a system are no less than the need for software development, and in fact, testers will gain a vast amount of experience, and they will encounter problems that many developers are not likely to encounter.

1. Good communication skills

An ideal tester must be able to communicate with everyone involved in the test, with the ability to communicate with both technical (developer) and non-technical (customer, managerial) personnel. Both can talk to the user and can talk with the developers, unfortunately, these two types of people do not have a common language. The focus of the conversation with the user must be placed on what the system can handle correctly and what cannot be handled. When talking to developers about the same information, they must be re-organized in another way, and test team members must be able to communicate equally with users and developers.

2, the higher EQ

All people involved in system development are in a state of concern and concern. With the ministry worried that the version would not meet the needs of the user, the developer feared that he would have to revise and even re-develop the whole system because of the system's inaccurate requirements, and the manager feared that the system would suddenly collapse and damage its reputation. Testers have to deal with each type of person, so members of the Test team have enough understanding and sympathy for each of them, with the ability to minimize the conflict and confrontation between testers and associated personnel.

3. Technical ability

In general, developers hold a contemptuous attitude towards those who do not know the technology. Once a member of the Test team makes a wrong decision, their credibility is immediately proclaimed. A tester must understand both the concept of the software system under test and the tools used in the project. To do this requires years of experience,

4. Self-confidence

Developers accuse testers of mistakes, and testers must have enough confidence in their opinions. If you allow others to point to the West, you can not accomplish anything more.

5. Diplomatic ability

When you tell someone he has made a mistake, he must use some diplomatic methods. Tact and diplomacy help to maintain a collaborative relationship with developers, who are also required to be diplomatic when they tell developers that his software is wrong. If the approach is too tough, for the testers, in the future with the development Department of cooperation is equivalent to "win the war but lost the battle."

6. Sense of humor

In the case of an alibi, a humorous criticism will be very helpful.

7, very strong memory

An ideal tester should have the ability to dig out the memory of a similar error that has been encountered before, and the value of this ability in the testing process cannot be measured. Because many of the emerging problems are similar to the problems we have found.

8. Patience

Some quality assurance work requires incredible patience. Sometimes you need to spend an amazing amount of time separating, identifying, and assigning an error. This work is impossible for those who can't sit.

9, the Spirit of doubt

It can be expected that developers will do their best to explain all the mistakes in the past. The test-person must listen to everyone's instructions, but he must remain skeptical until he has seen it himself.

10. Self-supervision

It's easy to get lazy by doing test work. Only those with self-supervision ability can make themselves work normally every day.

11. Insight

A good test engineer has the "test is to destroy" view, the ability to capture the user's point of view, the strong quality pursuit, the attention to detail. Application of high-risk areas in order to target limited testing to focus.

The quality that a good software tester must have

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