The data center needs to "live now"

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The data center needs to "live now"

In recent years, the data center market has not been very busy. Big Data Center manufacturers have targeted this cake and threw out a wide variety of products, technologies or solutions to attract the attention of data center operators, none of them are exaggerated. It is undeniable that traditional data centers are increasingly unable to meet people's needs for information processing. Therefore, data center vendors aim at this opportunity and publicize themselves with great fanfare, hold seminars, hold forums, hold various awards ceremonies, and launch new technologies. They wish to break the three main parts of the server/Network/storage monopoly over the traditional data center market for a long time and gain a firm foothold in the data center market, even becoming the leader in the next generation of data center technology, every data center vendor is trying to sell its own products or solutions to data center operators, if their solutions are adopted, how much benefits can be brought to the data center and what problems the data center currently faces can be solved? In this case, many data center operators often cannot hold on to it, the data center is being reformed. On the one hand, the data center is facing the aging of devices and technology lags behind, and it cannot be used to deploy new applications. On the other hand, the data center vendor provides complicated solutions, at this time, the data center is often led by the vendor to solve the problem, and the optimization is easy to lead. From the perspective of data center vendors, we certainly want data centers to adopt their solutions and buy more of their devices and software so as to gain more profits and occupy more market share. Operators of data centers should clearly understand the situation, especially the running status of their own data centers. For example, if the indoor temperature of the data center is too high, you need to consider whether to increase air conditioners or improve ventilation. If you want to deploy cloud services and Virtualization in the data center, and many devices in the data center are not competent, you need to update the devices. Any data center may encounter various problems during its operation, which must be optimized or solved. When the demand for data centers is thrown out, many data center vendors are eager to offer a variety of solutions and how to choose to become a difficult problem for data center operators, this article points out the direction for the current data center issue, that is, "living in the present ". Living in the present is a description of people, emphasizing living in the present, not remembering the glory of the past, not regretting the past mistakes, not blindly looking forward to the future, and doing the current thing in a down-to-earth manner, this document uses the data center to explain the problem.

The data center must live in the present. The data center must find the most suitable solution for itself in order to maximize its effectiveness. The data center must live in the present and have a clear understanding of its own problems. When we have a headache at ordinary times, we will take a stomachache medicine. When we have a stomachache, we will take a stomachache medicine. In this way, sometimes we will hit some luck and the medicine will be effective. But most of the time, taking these medicines does not relieve pain, because the real cause is not found, even if it can be stopped, it is also a moment, it will hurt again at any time. The same is true for data centers. Do not have a headache. Do a full-body health check, and then take the right medicine after the diagnosis. When the data center needs to deploy new services, or the equipment is faulty or aging, it needs to be changed. In this case, the entire data center should be evaluated, fully analyzes the nature of the data center to solve the problem. Only by knowing your own problems can you find the most suitable solution, but this is not an easy task. There are thousands of devices in the data center. It is difficult for the data center operator to understand all the devices very well. In this way, some devices are not properly used, or they are not able to exert their maximum efficiency, these must be carefully analyzed. Sometimes, when the data center needs new services, it may first consider that it is necessary to add some new devices. In fact, we should evaluate the capabilities of the existing data center devices. Maybe many devices are still idle, you can solve the problem by yourself through business adjustment and optimization. Therefore, it is better to understand your problem and solve the problem through your own adjustment.

The data center must live in the present. When we understand the problems faced by the data center, it is indeed impossible to solve the problems in the original data center environment. At this time, we need to introduce new devices or solutions. Do not be too radical. "Rome is not built in one day", and the data center does not have to solve the problem of a lifetime in the future. It should be solved one by one. As long as the data center is running, it is impossible to have no problem and will be gradually exposed. We should solve the problem one by one and try not to affect the normal operation of the original data center. If you don't want to be a revolutionary, You can discard the existing equipment. This investment is not directly proportional to the output, which often brings a heavy operational burden to the data center. The emergence of new technologies in fields such as big data, virtualization, and software-defined networks in the data center has brought about new changes to the entire data center, these new technologies can solve many problems encountered during the development of traditional data centers, but they are not necessarily applicable to all data centers. In order to solve their own problems, data centers need to access these new technologies and devices, but they cannot completely follow the idea of the vendor. Many data centers have encountered such problems. It took a lot of money to find out that the data center vendor had enough new devices. After deployment and operation, it was found that many devices were running at no load, this causes a lot of waste of resources. Obviously, this is not the case. These new technologies are good enough, but they are not necessarily suitable for individual data centers. The data center still needs to step by step to introduce some new solutions. If the expected results are displayed, the data center can be gradually promoted and optimized while running, get the greatest return with the smallest effort.

To live in a data center, we need to tell people that new technologies should be created based on actual conditions. Everything is based on facts. Do not break away from reality. Only by living in the present can the data center avoid detours in the development process and create more value through the data center. Old equipment should be phased out, and new products and technologies should be created, if we want to introduce data appropriately, we must proceed with everything. In this way, the data center will remain undefeated in the future development.

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