The shutdown command uses detailed instructions and parameters

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Usage: Shutdown <-i | -L | -S | -r | -a> <-f> <-m computername> <-t xx> <-c "comment" > <-d up:xx:yy>
No parameters to display this message (same as?)
-I display GUI interface, must be the first option
-L logoff (cannot be used with option-m)
-S shutdown this computer
-R shutdown and restart this computer
-A abort system shutdown
-M ComputerName remote computer shutdown/reboot/Abort
-T XX setting the timeout for shutdown is xx seconds
-C "comment" closes comment (maximum 127 characters)
-F forced-run application shutdown without warning

: xx:yy shutdown Reason code

U is user code

P is a planned shutdown code

xx is a primary reason code (a positive integer less than 256)

yy is a secondary reason code (a positive integer less than 65536)

-F: Forcibly shutting down applications

-M computer name: Controlling remote computer

-I: Displays the graphical user interface, but must be shutdown's first option

-L: Unregister the current user

-r: Shutdown and restart

-T time: Set shutdown countdown

-C "Message content": Enter the message contents in the Shutdown dialog box (not exceeding 127 characters

2, for example:

turn off the computer Shutdown–s (method: "Start"-&gt; "Run"-&gt; "Shutdown-s"-&gt; "OK")

Delay 3 seconds to turn off the computer Shutdown–s–t 3 (method: "Start"-&gt; "Run"-&gt; "Shutdown–s–t 3"-&gt; "OK")

Cancel the computer Shutdown–a (method: "Start"-&gt; "Run"-&gt; "Shutdown–a"-&gt; "OK")

3, Application:

(1) If you want to automatically turn off your computer after 1 hours, such as: You are downloading a software or a movie, and you have an emergency to go to Lishui, what will you do? Stop downloading? That's a shame! Go on? How does the computer close after downloading? Don't worry! You can use this command to resolve:

shutdown–s–t 3600 (the system shuts down the computer after 3,600 seconds, the time is set)

you can safely go to Lishui, and do not worry about your computer has been open for a long time.

(2) RPC vulnerability resulted in the Countdown automatic shutdown, use this command to cancel the countdown automatic shutdown:

Shutdown–a (method: "Start"-&gt; "Run"-&gt; "Shutdown–a"-&gt; "OK")

a period of time before the network virus is rampant, such as shock waves, shock wave, etc. is for Windows XP RPC (Remote procedure Call) vulnerability design, it led to the system countdown automatic shutdown, a lot of students, teachers headache unceasingly. The following figure:

(3) using shutdown command to implement network unified shutdown

the author of the unit after work often many teachers do not turn off the computer, the leader found after the request to solve the problem. I think it would be time-consuming to go to the offices and see if it would be possible to turn off all the machines through a single computer. Because all of the Office machines are installed in Windows XP system, the idea is to use the remote shutdown "Shutdown" command. The specific methods are as follows:

Step 1 Click start → run, enter "Gpedit.msc" in the dialog box, click &lt; OK, and open Group Policy Editor.

Step 2 Opens the Computer configuration →windows settings → security settings → local policies → user rights assignment on the left side of the Group Policy Editor window, and selects "Force shutdown from remote system" in the right window. The pop-up dialog box shows that only members of the "Administrators" group currently have permission to shut down remotely, click the &lt; add user or Group &gt; button below the dialog box, enter "Heyongsheng" (Administrator account) in the pop-up dialog box, and then click &lt; OK &gt;.

Step 3 When you add a "Heyongsheng" user to the "Force shutdown from remote system" attribute, click &lt; OK, and finally close the Group Policy Editor window.

to the computers in each office to do the above, we give each computer "Heyongsheng" User granted remote shutdown permissions. By the time I get off work, I'll just do the following on my own machine:

Step 4 Click start → run, enter "Shutdown-i" in the dialog box, and the Remote Shutdown dialog box appears (Figure 1).

Figure 1 Remote shutdown Control window

(4) Use XP ShutDown.exe to implement server timing restart

Windows XP shutdown is controlled by the Shutdown.exe program, located in the WindowsSystem32 folder. If you want Windows 2000 to achieve the same effect, you can copy the Shutdown.exe to the system directory System32.

First of all, of course, the motherboard must support the software shutdown function, otherwise you have to press the power switch in person to shut down, now the motherboard generally support software shutdown. Operation steps: Click Start/Program/attachment/System Tools to schedule tasks, eject the Scheduled Tasks window, double-click Add Scheduled Tasks, run the Scheduled Tasks wizard, press Browse, locate the Rundll32.exe file in the Windows directory, click the Open button, In the dialog box that appears, type the name of the task (for example, "timed shutdown"). Execute by selecting "Every day" and then pressing "next" to select the scheduled shutdown time (you can try it 1 minutes later than the time displayed on the machine now), next select the "When you click Finish to open advanced properties for this task," Click Finish, and the most Right-click on "Timed Shutdown" to open the property, enter "C:winntsystem32shutdown.exe-r-T 1" in the Run bar, and clicking "OK" soon, OK.

4. Conclusion: Windows XP shutdown command function is very powerful, you can try to use, dig out the function, serve us.

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