The four back: Starry night to return to the muddy tears of the old book House [Lin Handsome works serial]

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The back of the night, the starry night to return to the muddy tears of old college
The poem reads:
Summer Rain Farewell dream at first, once return to the thread difficult to flat,
Old Courtyard door lock Stone Road, two hearts forget amorous feelings.
But said Lin send text will learn younger sister worked people wait to get up, then returned to eye building. This noon man, the back of the husband, sleep, not like the usual bustling. Lin on weekdays, see that several vigor, will sing a few words. Originally the general scholar, although is the Kuimen Ludao, this limited rhyme does Fu's kungfu, is not willing to throw away, the condition is compared to the same day studies Northwest, also slightly has the progress! Sure enough, in the wipe hair, see this eye building outside, busy. Suddenly recalled the former song "Parting of the Auto Show", this temperament Ruwani, singing resentment, and then look at the door gathered in the hub, Lin before that Coke and the gas has also been a lot of. Contempoly the first word:
Who to the Golden Gate, to mourn the former, that Jiang Gong several drafts? See Ying-hua perishable, Wang Xiang drops of tears. Arrive Japanese pirates, fame Wanli, very then Zhijiang also idle? Coconut Wind Village, sunset miles, niche light recall.
Yin Lin Two is dejected, this identity text dispatch not annoying, will be home tonight, tomorrow to find that officer to do another. Suddenly looked up to see that colleague Wang Er is playing cards with another several, these two days because of money bag lost, or Wang ER Relief 32 silver. Otherwise a few study sister in front of bad host, and not good to the Goddess borrowed a, Wang Er see Lin two back, then point to refer to the lunch box, and then look at his card, Lin also casually eat a few mouth.
Another day does not watch, Lin two has returned to Licheng, the city south of the outskirts of Orchid, is known as "Guang-ji Temple." Legend has been built in the Sui Dynasty, but today ranked in the big Min "four jungle." Lin two every home, it is bound to this incense a pillar. This Guang-ji temple, is relying on the south of Phoenix Mountain and built, the same day presided over the old stereotypes, in the Buddha before the vision: "In its lifetime, Guang-ji temple will not collect tickets", this is boundless beneficence. This temple after the temple, known as "Stone Chamber rock", there is an elegant teahouse, but today's Lin two, actually do not wander.
Hurried to Nga to get an identity, passing Husi Nanpu head when the heart of a shock, that day that old text will college in the inside, Lin two set foot on this "Stone Road", the heart of a shiver. Text will be in the old courtyard here head, Lin two low head, feet like a heavy weight. However, no moment, then to the back door of the academy, see the Black and old door, is locked. Lin suddenly read the same day in this encounter all the woman, today one by one fine examination than take, unexpectedly not a talent can cast. Think this academy for a century, eight years ago this encore, is the Academy elegant Generation Provincial examination.
That day that "four golden flower" pomp not to speak, is that other woman some are in this academy, also counted a story. However, the hospital is a generation less than a generation, the day Lin two schooling those years, is one of the most! When there are courtiers, rich children, or white scholar, all in a ju, eat wine, mob brawl ranged. One of the only articles of calligraphy is not to say, a door is more technical war cooked rotten, but not to say.
Lin was about to think down, suddenly listen to the roadside a man shouted: "Borrowed, borrowed ... Lin 21 heard back to God, see the stone at the foot of a color green point, the original is his just now sense of tears wet, can't help laughing. Listen to the street side of the meat shop has a cry, stand up, go back and pack two to hunger. See this hundred years ago prosperous Nanpu head, only today come and come but few poor. After he chewed buns, saw bun shop small two before and after greeting, also inconvenient to talk about some gossip. But after this a while, Lin second thoughts also gradually calm, not like just burst into tears. After a moment, ate the steamed buns, Lin two nothing, then wandered to the streets. The back door of the academy was twenty or thirty steps North, with a small shop selling some pastries and groceries. The same day came to patronize, look at the counter inside the people, about more than 70 years old, the shop empty, Lin two also lost interest. A low head, out of the shop door.
To know the funeral, and listen to tell

The four back: Starry night to return to the muddy tears of the old book House [Lin Handsome works serial]

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