The Gospel of Yomail,gmail--send and receive Gmail messages directly

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Before, do not know who said a word, called "Chinese Love IM, Americans love mail." Think about it, it's true. From the Qq,yy language and other personal instant communications to Alibaba tradelink business IM, the domestic im do the wind and wind, but in contrast, the domestic development of the mail client is very senile, even said to me a feeling of being marginalized by IM.
However, even in this big environment, or there is a mail client Yi military protrusions Let me take notice, it gives me the first feeling can be described in four words: simple and efficient!
Today, we are 818 this mail client--yomail.

The Gospel of Gmail's dead-end powder--send and receive Gmail messages directly
Gmail in the domestic can not be normal use, I believe that "hurt" a lot of people's hearts, whether it is because of work needs or because of the delay pack B. Online there are many ways to solve the inability to open Gmail, there are many friends choose to turn the wall, but "the wall outside the envy of the wall", after all, is a palliative, not a good one. On this point, Yomail is definitely a great help, we can use the yomail to quickly and easily send and receive Gmail mail, no feather oh, very convenient, and we use the same domestic mailbox. From then on, my mother never had to worry that I could not send and receive Gmail mail!
In addition to this, more friends are also very focused on mailbox information security. Yomail in the "Gmail security login" using the Gmail oAuth2.0 interface, although not absolutely guaranteed that the password is not recorded, but I think it is still very safe, we can rest assured that the use of, after all, there is no absolute security in the world it?

Second, small white also easy to get started--one-click Login to mainstream mail services, easy to operate
Yomail is a free mail client, in addition to we can take this directly to send and receive Gmail mail, we can also through this one-click Login to all the main current mailbox, to tell the truth, this is my heart water. Do not download a large number of clients, do not open a bunch of web mailboxes, there are yomail this one can be managed, a lot of trouble.

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Third, reject "disorderly slow card"--"mail conversation" + "blink Search"
Yomail have a lot of details or do very good, first of all, the client itself is lightweight, offline free installation, the page is simple and generous not cumbersome. Reaction speed, I pass the measurement also really embodies the purpose of yomail-efficient.
Yomail's "email conversation", like the IM software we play, sorts the contacts by the contact time, one for each contact, and the nearest contact in front so that the same contacts are all integrated. Many mixed workplace friends, mailbox every day will be "eat" all kinds of mail, we can completely through the contact person's avatar to quickly to a sort of importance of the message, we can also give their important contacts plus V, from these VIP users sent over the mail will have a separate reminder, can also be pinned. If both sides are yomail online, but also can live chat, this is similar to Gmail's gtalk, however, I think Yomail is more in line with the national conditions.
When you open the Yomail, see the message bubbles really have a chat qq feeling. Each message bubble displays up to 5 lines of text, in fact we can grasp the whole message in the form of this short message, important, we directly click to see the full content.
Yomail also made a detailed classification of inbox messages, defining social, billing, travel, promotion, and notification 5 categories. Messages from the same category are automatically aggregated into a single line in the Yomail Mail conversation list.

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These functions have greatly improved our efficiency, or else to check the words, pigs are tired thin ...
Gmail's search function has been well received, I accidentally found yomail in this aspect also performance, its search function is relatively perfect, support full-text search, can also be sent by sender, recipient, mail subject, attachments, full text and other conditions of accurate search, And Yomail official said can be in 1 seconds accurate search 100, 000 mail, my God, this is really blink-of-the-eye search. The author's mailbox there is no 100, 000, but also a lot, search a bit, it is really 1 seconds hey!

Said so many advantages, I would like to say that the current yomail there are deficiencies in the place, I hope that the development of Yomail can be more adoption Oh!
Less than one: multi-mailbox Function Single Window display

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The new version of 5.0 has increased multi-mailbox account login, one-click Switch. But now multi-mailbox in the form of multi-window display, very inconvenient for people like me to have obsessive-compulsive disorder, each mailbox account to open a separate window, very inconvenient.

Less than two: No automatic synchronization of contact features
Yomail can log in to the current mainstream mailbox service, however, generally different mailbox affirmation contacts differ. Then, if you can log on the basis of multiple mailboxes, can automatically synchronize the contacts of each mailbox, but also automatically to re-integration, so that is really very good. I believe that once this feature is realized, it will definitely become a highlight of attracting many people!!!

Less than three: the categorization and filtering of mail conversations is not in place
Although Yomail's inbox is a useful classification for the categories of messages, all messages are displayed on the mail conversation, and the messages are not categorized and filtered. Everyone should have a lot of junk mail in their mailbox, so spam will show up in the mail conversation, which really needs to be improved.

Less than four: Calendar and Calendar export feature not supported
Yomail let us easily and easy to send and receive Gmail mail, but did not add Gmail calendar and Calendar export function, note function is not, it is regrettable.

In general, Yomail is a very good mail client, recently I have been using Yomail, experience is "simple and efficient", to save me a lot of time, now the pace of life is fast, we should also learn to use efficient tools to serve us, Save time to better stop to appreciate the world Ah!

The Gospel of Yomail,gmail--send and receive Gmail messages directly

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