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Windows 8, the birth of this system confirms the Microsoft software giant's turn, but this turned Hua not gorgeous, depending on Win8 's new ecology can not be as prosperous as the previous desktop platform, that is, Win8 apps system can bring a new round of revolution.

From the beginning until now, for software vendors, especially the system has always been who owns the ecosystem who owns the world, looking at the current iOS and Android, the ecological prosperity has created a good picture, and Microsoft decades on the desktop to create the Windows ecology also let the giant always stand at the top.

However, in the mobile era, the traditional PC environment is obviously outdated, the global intelligent mobile end-user is more than people think the speed of growth. With 2012 years of data, for example, Apple iOS and Google Android accounted for more than 45% of the total operating system shipments, with only 35% of Microsoft Windows remaining.

Mobile platform has become mainstream

The massive influx of users into the mobile platform has forced Microsoft to start thinking about a new direction-moving to the mobile market, which can be said to be the backdrop of the birth of Win8 and its new ecosystem. For the capital market, where the large capital of the demand will flow to where, the same for the service provider, what the user needs to provide what kind of services.

Admittedly, Microsoft's pace in the mobile era is indeed a bit slower, which makes it a follower in the wave of shifting movement. But Microsoft has made great innovations in its model, and the strategy of multi-terminal integration has become a new idea in the industry, and only Microsoft has the strength to put it into practice.

Microsoft's Fusion Philosophy

Rely on the Windows system in people's work, life, entertainment, the dominant power of the new Win8 apps ecology has a backer, although "later" but still have the opportunity to "live on." At least for now, Microsoft's move from desktop to mobile is benign with the support of developers.

The application base of Win8 ecology

The most intuitive reference to an ecosystem development is the number of applications, so what is the extent to which the WIN8 application has grown in the six months since the release of Windows 8?

According to data from the survey website Metrostore scanner, there are more than 65,000 apps in the Windows Store App Store Win8 the official App Store so far. This once again confirms that the WIN8 application has entered a breakout period, as the number has just exceeded 50,000 by one months ago.

At present WIN8 application has exceeded 65000

If we look back at the Win8 RTM release last August, there are only 450 apps in the Windows store, and by the end of the Win8, more than 5,000 have been released, which has since gone out of hand and has grown more than 60,000 in half a year, An average of about 330 Win8 applications are born daily.

In fact, the growth of WIN8 application is a tortuous process. At the end of October, which was released by Windows 8 last year, was the first peak of WIN8 application development, with an average of 468 applications per day in development and 412 in December. However, the two-month period of 2013 years ago showed a significant decline, with an average of less than 200 applications per day. It has entered a new growth period since last month and has continued to this day.

This is a tortuous process of growth

This means that the current high growth in WIN8 applications is not a false boom, but a situation that has been tempered by time. In this process, developers have a new understanding of the Win8 ecology, which also contributed to the WIN8 apps development of the second spring.

The quality growth of Win8 apps

Application quality, WIN8 application after six months of development has been more than initially have a great quality improvement, if we now go to see the WIN8 version of QQ will find, has been completely different from the original version. More features are added to the current version, which supports more file transfers and is more stable.

The latest version of Win8 QQ

The same thing happened in most applications, almost every day we can find some applications to launch a new version, such as QQ music can be said to be reborn. In addition to Third-party applications, Microsoft also recently made a complete update of its own WIN8 applications, involving mail, maps, readers, OneNote, and so on.

There are often a large number of application updates

This shows that developers in the WIN8 platform deployment is not to cope with the situation, but really pay attention to this new platform, hoping to Win8 like Win7 popular day to grab the market heights, this is a huge potential platform.

Admittedly, low quality applications are still available in the current App store, but Microsoft has a set of its own ideas for controlling the quality of application in Windows Store. For the application to enter the store is mainly from two aspects, one is the technical level will affect the use of the phone itself, such as whether to include viruses and malicious programs, whether it will lead to the collapse of the phone and so on. The other is the legal level of checks, whether the infringement of other people's copyright or other legal issues.

Balance quality and Developer's rights

For the application of the meaning and quality, Microsoft is making efforts to balance, both the application has a certain control of the need to give developers the degree of freedom. Therefore, Microsoft is more through the application of the market itself to adjust the mechanism, a low quality application in the user is not optimistic and download, the natural will not get good rankings and results.

In fact, the key to the quality of the application is the developer itself, WIN8 application of the development tool is actually very powerful, Win8 version of the VLC player already has the same features as the desktop version, which shows that the WIN8 application can achieve very complex functions, see developers with no intention.

The direction of Win8 apps

We can actually find that the source of Win8 apps in addition to the original application development, there are more from the original PC platform and iOS, Android and other mobile platform software migration. such as QQ, Weibo, public comment, weather Pass, tiger map and so on, are from the relative platform to migrate over.

From this we can see Microsoft cloth this "big picture"---multi-terminal integration, everything is to it on par. The introduction of the PC software into the new ecosystem to achieve mobility of the desktop system, while the original mobile application to the Win8 of the ecology of the closer also enriched the new platform, and will not let users feel strange abrupt.

Win8 applications from PC and mobile platform migration

The key, however, is that Microsoft plans to Cascade PCs, Win8, and smartphones from high places, allowing users to enjoy an integrated experience from beginning to end. The most obvious is that users use a Win8 tablet, both as on the phone to brush Weibo, but also on the desktop to use advanced tools such as Photoshop, and with the help of ubiquitous cloud services, the local data synchronized to the phone.

WIN8 application development tools can easily develop WIN8 applications and WP8 applications to create a correlation, is one of two results, for developers, "cost-effective" is very high.

A powerful development tool

In addition, Microsoft's preferential policies have attracted more developers of gold and mining opportunities, in addition to the development of new applications to provide incentives to developers, will be divided into more favorable measures. According to Microsoft, developers are earning 70% of their app revenues at $25,000 trillion or below $25,000, but if revenues exceed 25,000 dollars, developers get a split increase to 80%.

For now, many aspects, including Microsoft itself, partners and developers, are concerned about Win8 new ecology, the PC industry has become a weakness, iOS and Android platform growth rate has also encountered bottlenecks, now WIN8 is the industry's new opportunity. With Microsoft and Windows as their backers, developers will find new opportunities on this platform, and users can get a new experience on this platform.

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