The harm of page similarity and its solution

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Page similarity has a direct impact on the search engine on the quality of our site content evaluation, if a Web page similar to spend a high, will directly lead to search engines do not include our page, but we do SEO the most basic is to let the Web pages included, if not even the basic included are not, how do we talk about rankings and traffic? Generally speaking, the similarity of two pages is more than 70%, the basic search engine will not be included. Let me tell you about my opinion.

The concept of similarity degree.

What do you mean by similarity? In fact, it is the same proportion of content between two pages. That is to say, as long as there are two pages at the same time all content, belong to the scope of similarity. We take Jingdong Mall as an example:


such as such a shopping guide, distribution methods, such as a series of content, exist in Jingdong every page, this belongs to the similarity. Similarity also includes the site's total station navigation, the bottom of the navigation text and so on, in fact, we can use some tools to detect the similarity of our site. For everyone to recommend a better test site similarity of the site:, the specific cases are as follows:


All you have to do is type in the two pages you want to test, and then you'll get a similarity result, and you can clearly see the similarity between your two pages.

Second, how to solve the problem of similar to the high site? We take the normal business station as an example.

1. Vertical Navigation for enterprise products

2. Copyright information at the bottom

3. Content is only pictures, no text description

I'm here to explain to you the website of the sprinkler industry that I am responsible for. The first is the whole station of product navigation, please look at the following figure:


Our company mainly in the production of sprinkler mainly, but also with the production of some tank car, sewage trucks, suction trucks and other models, our website is also the keywords sprinkler and related vocabulary, and our company Total models also on dozens of products, we do not need to do a whole-station product navigation, which directly affect the similarity of our web page.

The copyright information at the bottom. We like to have some unnecessary text such as phone number, bottom navigation, etc. such as the following figure, we can fully streamline some:


Generally recommended that you only write a company name and record number, which can reduce the similarity of our site.

Site similarity requires us to continuously streamline the content of our site, the unwanted content to be eliminated, so that we can improve the performance of our site in search engines, increase the rate of the site, but also let our content to show the probability of the customer greater. But the similarity can not be completely nonexistent, as long as we control the similarity to a certain proportion.

If you want to see how I do SEO, please click on the link to the source of the article. This article by Hubei Chengli sprinkler offer, reprint please respect the original information.

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