The impact of using AMD dual graphics for Crossfire and overlay models on the game frame count

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Models that use the AMD Graphics Firefight technology experience a lag in the normal operation of a large 3D game.

Cause Analysis:

This phenomenon occurs because the game is not compatible with the co-operating technology of AMD Dual Graphcis dual graphics cards.


First, right-click any blank location on the desktop, select the "Show Card Properties" option to open the AMD graphics console, as shown below:

Please click the "Preferences" button to open the "preferences" menu, as shown below, change the view mode to "Advanced View";

In the second step, right-click on the Performance tab in the function bar on the left to find the "AMD Readon Dual Graphics" option and select "Disable AMD Readon Dual graphics", as shown in the following image:

The third step, click on the bottom right corner of the "Apply" button, exit the interface, back to the desktop according to the different models of the dual graphics switch normal game designated as a standalone graphics or high-performance graphics running, the number of game frames will be improved.


The attachment is a common three-type dual-card switching method for reference.

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