The importance of optimizing content for social networking sites

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The content of the network on the king makes people optimize the content of the site to the correct maximum flow, content optimization has become an important part of search engine crawler optimization. With the rise of social networking sites, content optimization is also unfolding in order to better share and communicate.

Marie-lynn Richard recently had an article about some examples of the content optimization of social networking sites. This article just choose its Ishilai translation. Please read the original text if you are interested.

The importance of optimizing content

Take a moment to consider the picture selection of what you are posting, and then take a moment to think about the writing of your brand-related text. It's important to know that when people share and disseminate your content, the pictures and texts are identified and analyzed by the machine, and it is essential that Facebook allows you to control these different elements to make your content more appealing and efficient.

Here's a good example of how the title, introductory text, and picture in this message content are consistent. But then you'll see other examples that don't all the releases can do that.


Not only do you need to optimize content for social networking sites such as Facebook, but you need to take into account ongoing content aggregation services such as Flipboard,pulse or Flud. Whether it's about sharing or content aggregation, you need to know the ways and importance of optimizing content, or else you'll see the following.


In the message shown above, Facebook's content analysis tool identifies the first inappropriate picture in the text: a funeral logo.


This, through Flipboard sharing, Flipboard completely ignores the beauty of the modern Potter Eva Zeisel, and calls the message author Adam Flaherty's photo.

  How to do it?

The approach described below is similar to the familiar SEO approach, which aims to increase the appeal and consistency of the message to increase the impact of the content in the communication.

  Title: <title> Tags in source code

For shareware, headline information is most easily identifiable and collected. The <title> tag of the page you want to share must contain the header information. The title consists of a compelling amount of text with less than 66 characters. Here are some of the titles of the footwear brands that are spread in social media:

How to choose the best shoes?

The most beautiful 10 pairs of shoes in the 2010.

"How to" and "top 10″ types of articles have always been able to take advantage of the spread of social networks."

  Description section: <meta name= "Description" in Source code > tags

To make the title and the shared text relevant and to attract more people to the target site, you can insert the description description tag in the source file of the target article page (note: The social networking site analyzes the description tag of the linked target page). Some people will insert the same title and description on each page, which is not optimized, should guarantee a unique description of each page insert and page content consistent, and describe less than 160 characters.

  Picture: The picture label in source code

Content aggregation services are not ideal for screening images that are spread through social networks. Aggregation services always try to find large size pictures in the text. Ensure that your pictures contain tags and do not contain unrecognized <div> tags. If you don't have a picture in your post, the effect will be random. But we all see that every article is now accompanied by a picture, and you can get a lot of free pictures from Flickr's CC authoring sharing protocol, but don't forget to tell the author.

In particular, the user can choose a series of pictures when they make a posting on Facebook, but few people label the pictures.


Select a URL for your site page, full copy to the Facebook status update bar, you will immediately see your page displayed in the results (below), even if you do not install the Facebook Share button on the site, users can still copy the sticky URL of the way to spread your pages and websites.


Semwatch Note:

The article introduces some basic SEO practices for Web sites and pages, and gives a normative approach to the presentation of social networking sites. Hope to bring you valuable reference.

The original discussion was based on English and French. I hope that there will be more references in practice in the future.

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