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The WPS demonstration in the WPS love Word pa version adds the function of "Insert background music", let's learn and experience this function together below.

I. Insert, replace, and delete of "background music"

When you see "Insert", you may habitually go to the "Insert" main menu to find the menu item command to insert "background music." If that's the case, you're going to be disappointed, because you won't be able to find the Insert background music command there. So where is this order, in the slide Show main menu on the menu bar.

Here's how to insert a background music: click the slide show → insert background music command on the menu bar. See Figure 1:

In the pop-up dialog box, select the sound file that you can use as the background music, and then click Open to insert the background music.

When you insert a background music you need to be aware that if your current slide is the first one, the music is inserted into the first slide, and if your current slide is not the first slide and no background music, you will be prompted to "no background music on the home page, add to the home page", and select "Yes" to add to the first slide; Select No to add to the current slide.

When you insert a background music, a sound icon representing the background music appears in the lower-left corner of the slide. At this point, you can right-click on this icon, select "Play Sound" on the shortcut menu to detect if the inserted file can be played. Click the mouse to end playback. See Figure 2:

When you insert a new background music in a slide that has a sound icon representing the background music, you can complete the replacement of the background music. Delete the background music by removing the sound icon that represents the background music. At the same time, the icon to cut, paste can also achieve the movement of the background music.

Ii. editing of the background music

We can edit the volume of the background music. Right-click on the sound icon representing the background music and choose Edit Sound Object on the pop-up shortcut menu (see Figure 2).

You can edit the volume of the background music in the Sound Options dialog box that pops up later. See Figure 3:

Third, let the background music start and end all listen to us

from which slide the background music starts, we can control it by inserting a background music on this slide.

So how do we control background music to stop on a slide? One possible way to do this is to randomly insert a background music on a slide that needs to stop the background music, and then turn the background music volume to 0 or select mute directly, as described earlier in Figure 3. In this case, the background music is switched to a background music without sound when the slide is shown, and the goal of stopping the background music is achieved.

When you close a presentation that has a background music inserted, the WPS demo prompts you that the background music file will be stored directly in your presentation. See Figure 4:

When we're making a presentation, it's best to move the background music to the same directory as the presentation, when you need to insert it. When you move the presentation to another computer, move the sound file along with it, and put it in the same directory.

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