The last time the sprint (final sprint)

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After a month or two of efforts, we finally made a little something, from the beginning of contact with the project began, from a completely do not know how to go to the fall and touch, and then to now can take out a little something to others to see, I feel very happy, perhaps my this finished in the eyes of others is not what it is, But I think this is a affirmation of their own, there is a teacher speak well, in fact, nothing difficult, as long as you work hard to do, at first you find it difficult, but you have not succeeded, as long as there is a result of the experience, you will have the confidence to do well. I feel very right, at first, I contact Android development, completely do not know how to get started, of course, my small partners are so, we have not a little bit of experience and understanding of the development of Android, everything started from this project, from the beginning I have a great goal, Do a very tall things out, to meet a lot of their own do not know how to solve the problem, finally trapped in those problems, on their own lost confidence, this is the problem of the puzzled, the small partners do not give strength and not nervous, there is the teacher's urging, the urgency of the operation to make myself very nervous very depressed, You start to lose faith in yourself. In the last unremitting efforts, finally have a little result, the problem solved, made to really can run the finished product, very happy, to oneself and feel is a affirmation, a kind of progress.

The last time the sprint (final sprint)

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