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At the end of May this year, GoDaddy to the background for a small adjustment, to the background of the rookie not too skilled friends may be some not accustomed to, Cnjoel here to transfer the domain name to write an article of my experience.

Before we transfer the domain name, we definitely need to unlock the domain name and get the transfer code in the account.

1, we landed GoDaddy account backstage, the following figure:

After seeing the image above, we domains the launch button behind the domain name and click on the list of domain names.

2, in the Domain name list, we click on the need to unlock and get the transfer code of the domain name, the following figure:

3, we see the following figure to see the button that unlocks and gets the transfer code directly. Unlock first and then get the transfer code.

The change of the interface and the old version still have some differences, but just remember same.

Before acquiring the transfer code, we first check the WHOIS mailbox of the domain name, and the transfer code will be sent to our mailbox (you will see authorization info followed by a string of alphanumeric characters, which is the transfer code). Original, reprint please specify thank you!

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