The latest version of Google Talk supports voice mail.

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Since the Google Talk beta version supported file transfer two weeks ago, Google Talk launched the official version, which added the voice feature to us.

Click here to download the latest version of Google Talk

Of course, you can go to the Google Talk official website download the related software.

Support for voice mail

When you want to chat with a friend, but the friend is not online or the friend is online, but it is not convenient to answer your voice, you can use the new version of Google Talk With the voice mail function, directly record what you want to say, and then send a voice mail to the recipient, so that you can receive the email you sent when you get online.

Recording voice emails

When you open a friend chat window or move the mouse over a friend nickname, click "Send voicemail" in the pop-up window, and then you can directly record the voice to be sent, after the recording is complete, click the close button. Google Talk will automatically send a voice email to the recipient.

Receive voice mail Prompt window
After a friend goes online, a dialog box appears in the lower right corner, prompting you to receive a voice mail. After you click it, you can listen to the voice mail sent by the recipient.

I am not familiar with Google Talk for the time being.

Google Talk is an instant messaging software launched by Google. In addition to its IM function, Google Talk also provides the VIOP (network phone) function. Google Talk is bound with Gmail. You must have a Gmail account and password to log on. You can directly connect to Gmail to manage emails.

Main features:

1. The fresh main interface inherits the consistent style of Google

2. Voice and text chat

3. You can search for friends in the search window on the main interface.

4. You must have a Gmail account and password to log in.

5Voice chat is only available among Gmail users. You can add friends from non-Gmail accounts. However, you can only contact by email.

A Gmail invitation letter is required for registering a Gmail account. If you want to experience Gmail or Google Talk, please leave a message and write your email address in the message, I will send you a Gmail invitation letter in real time.

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