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The student ticket for the winter vacation has already been sold, have you and your little friends started to move? Life Calendar Warm reminder children's shoes, early plan, early peace of mind, early home.

The winter vacation student ticket travel time is December 1 to the next March 31, most colleges and universities put the winter vacation is after January. At present, telephone, Internet, automatic ticket vending machine is still 20 days in advance, ticket window for 18 days, so children's shoes to be early to plan, life calendar to provide you with a way to buy tickets, help you cleverly bought the train ticket home.

Rob Student Ticket Madness is no less than the Spring Festival Rush ticket, but the Spring Festival is the whole nation to rob, student ticket is the National University students open Rob. So Rob student ticket must pay attention to speed, the quickest way is the Internet grab ticket, and the Internet grab ticket, life calendar is a very good choice.

Life Calendar train ticket function has been very good, and now opened the ticket function, it and other ticket-grabbing software, the biggest advantage is that it is the first to fill out the order information, submit orders and then open the robbery. This greatly increases the chances of a successful ticket.

The first thing to do is to snoop through to the fastest speed to learn your school holiday time, and then push forward 20 days, ready to open on the 20th day to Rob train tickets; second, the villagers unite, the respective booking information into each other's contact list, a one-time submission order, increase their chances of getting tickets; Finally, It is on the 20th day of pushing forward, using the life calendar to rob tickets.

Open the life of the Calendar train ticket function, no need to enter the verification code itself, the system automatically identify. Log in, enter the bus range, tick the student ticket, click on the query.

Selected Trips, click to book, will appear the order details, first add good travel information, select the ticket type for student ticket, and then submit the order (note: Before the steps, all the train tickets before the start of the pre-sale time to complete, in order to sell on the whole point when the first time to submit orders).

After submitting the order, the system will automatically brush the ticket, at this time you do not need to do any manual operation, everything can be handed to the life calendar to carry out, you simply wait for the success of the booking window to play in front of you can.

Warm tips:

1, student ticket ordinary hard seat is 50 percent, ordinary hard sleeper is half of the ticket to reduce the hard seat, the high-speed train ticket is 75 percent.

2, to the sale of the ticket, the student ticket does not charge the fee.

The life calendar One key can help you to book the train ticket which goes home, you no longer need to go to the consignment point or the train station line long queue to buy student ticket. What are you waiting for?

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