The long-awaited Microsoft Dynamics Live CRM has finally received a message!

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Faced with some limitations on the existing functions of Microsoft CRM 3.0, and taking advantage of its powerful online services, is looking forward to the birth of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, at the end of, there was always only a few words, and everyone looked forward to it, but it refused to show up.

At last, a major breakthrough has been made in this regard. This week, Microsoft announced that it would launch Web-based business software to track customers and their potential market value in order to catch up with its leading and other companies.

The world's largest software manufacturer will launch Microsoft Dynamics Live CRM this quarter, the first online version of its customer relationship management software. Its main purpose is to keep up with the developing speed of providing software services on the Web.

Microsoft claims that it will provide a professional version of CRM Live, priced at $44/month/user, and some companies can get its free version in 2007. At the same time, the Enterprise Edition is priced at $59/month/user.

It also revealed that, at the same time, its competitors provided products and services equivalent to its professional edition, which required $65 to $75 per person per month, the product services equivalent to the Enterprise Edition cost about $100 per person per month.

Salesforce's CRM software Professional Edition is priced at $65/month/user, and the Enterprise Edition is $125/month/user. However, the company does not consider that Microsoft's price is competitive for such products, because these statements can be made only after you see Dynamics CRM Live.

As a pioneer in the Web-based software market, Salesforce avoids the competition in the traditional CRM market. It also allows the software to follow the business process, starting from marketing activities to tracking and investigating potential customers, this avoids fierce competition with Microsoft, Oracle, and SAP.

"I don't think we can win in this competition by price alone," said Bruce Francis, A Salesforce spokesman.

The latest version of Microsoft's Dynamics CRM code-named is "Titan", which can run on an enterprise's own server, a third-party server, or a server managed by Microsoft.

In 2007, Microsoft will provide a free trial of CRM Live Professional Edition. enterprises can create five or more users for use. In March 2008, we will provide a Professional Edition priced at $39/month after price reduction.

Microsoft's Dynamics CRM Live Enterprise Edition provides offline access, which will be available in the first half of 2008.

After the news was published, Salesforce's share price in the New York stock market fell 40 cents, both 1%, to $44.50 per share, while Microsoft's share price fell 6 cents to $29.81.

The release date is not long before, and we are looking forward to a new round of CRM war.

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