The magical power to describe numbers: the magic of numbers in real work

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Article Description: the magic of numbers.


Talk with numbers.
First, before describing the magical power of numbers, give us an example of our lives. Do you remember when you first graduated, sweating in the recruitment site to deliver the resume of the scene? I believe every graduate has experienced that tense and anxious moment. At that time, the thin resume is our winning chip, so writing resumes naturally become a technical work, painful but have to take seriously. So how to be concise and clear, but not to omit any of the highlights in the resume to pass to the recruiter all the valuable information? Let's look at the power of numbers:

See, try to convert some information into digital rendering can be more clear and intuitive expression of focus. "I am a good student," the interviewer will think: how good to what extent? Or did you just blurt it out at random? It's really hard to judge. So if you say, "My university four years, 3 consecutive times to get the first prize," this statement is more objective and persuasive. In fact, careful observation of the students are not difficult to find, in our daily work, we have already learned to use numbers to help play the effect. As in the commercial slogan "Qzone in the No.1" will be more eye-catching than the "Qzone most popular article". In daily life, the discount advertising "20%" title will be more clear than "now good cheap". At work, using the project Progress 30% task number 15 will more accurately deliver the project information. As a result, we find that using numbers is more pragmatic and effective than using adjectives such as "basic", "very" and "special". Now, please try to turn some vague adjectives used in your work into numbers to see how it might have a magical effect.

With the right number
So is it possible to simply convert some ambiguous words into numbers to get a clear message to enhance the persuasive power of speech immediately? Perhaps we should further explore the use of appropriate figures.

For example, one afternoon, my mother shouted at her son: "Go out in the afternoon, do not turn off the air-conditioning, waste a lot of electricity." Words did not finish, mom think up to use numbers to be able to express information clearly, then changed to say: Waste 5000w/2 hours of electricity. His son was bewildered. This mother is to hope that his son first converted 5000w2 hour is 10 degrees of electricity, if each electricity 5 cents is 5 yuan, the last son to calculate the actual is a waste of 5 yuan of electricity. I guess the young man estimated that he did not have the xianxin to calculate, and eventually did not know how much electricity he had wasted, so that he would not remember to turn off the air-conditioner again. In fact, Mother's intention is obvious, is to hope that his son understand that this behavior waste a lot of money, let him do it again. So if mom said directly: You wasted 5 yuan of electricity today, tomorrow from your pocket money deduction. It is estimated that the effect will be much more direct. So when we use numbers, we first need to make clear what these numbers are intended to convey, what the effect is, and then refine, transform, contrast, and then get the numbers to communicate to each other, which is more effective than the straightforward use of the original numbers.

Let's take a look at the following examples, if you are a merchant, you need to push information to the user, is not the right way is more impressive than the way to the left?


It is easy to see from these examples that the use of appropriate numbers in an expression should at least meet several requirements:
1, clear. Be able to express information without ambiguity, such as attaching a unit to a number, or attaching a total sample to a percentage, and so on.
2, easy to understand. You can make the other person quickly develop a concept of the number, such as reducing the use of complex professional units or the use of small orders of magnitude numbers, such as 20 minutes do not say 1200 seconds.
3, the appropriate use of contrast. The numbers are more likely to reflect the value of numbers, such as a 40% faster than last month, or twice times less samples.

The magic of numbers in real work
We used some simple examples to tell two core ideas, 1, and learn how to use numbers. 2. Learn how to use numbers effectively. So how does it show up in project management or other related work? When the project is in progress, the project manager needs to expose it in time. If you need to send an email, how do you make this email a good response and attention after it is sent out? As in the following case, my email is about two issues that need to be warned about, 1, too much demand this week. 2, last week left a serious problem. Then use the method we mentioned earlier to step by step optimization to see if it will achieve a better result.


It can be seen that even the same event, using different numbers to describe the effect of the transmission is very different. So when you have the opportunity to express or convey important information, try to carefully modify the content of the numbers, with numbers to impress each other, not only will make your language more rigorous and pragmatic, and will make your message more persuasive.

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