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I believe that you are in the process of the U-kai encountered such a problem zip HDD USB cdrom you are dizzy, and individual motherboards will appear to recognize the HDD zip or zip into the HDD, etc., so please note in the BIOS settings!

To make sure that the USB boot disk is started from the computer, there are two other conditions in addition to making the steps completely correct:

  One: Determine if the motherboard supports U disk BOOT.

  two: To ensure that the USB boot disk is the first boot device. in fact, as long as your motherboard is produced after 02, the basic can support U disk to start! At that time the Intel platform is still 478-pin four/Celeron world, AMD platform is the 462-pin dragon/Poison Dragon World. Chipset is mainly three: Intel chipset has 845d/e/pe/gl/gv/ge and so on, in addition to a small number of 845D with ICH2 South Bridge does not support U-boot, others are paired with ICH4 South Bridge (large chip), support USB disk boot no problem; Via chipset is basically kt266/333/ 400 and p4x333/400/533, as long as the South Bridge is VT8235, 8237 not to mention; the SIS chipset has sis740/745/746/748 and sis650/651/648/655, as long as the South Bridge is SIS962 above also no problem.

The above mentioned three kinds of South Bridge are three of their first support USB2.0 of the South Bridge chip, as long as the motherboard support Usb2.0,bios settings in the boot Device option will have a USB device optional, you can support U disk boot. After that motherboard, whether it is Intel's 775 platform or AMD's 754/939/AM2 platform support USB disk boot is a cinch!

The second problem is more complicated: First of all, you can make a good bootable USB drive inserted into your computer, this should remember!

  1. Access to the motherboard BIOS setup interface The early motherboard BIOS has three main types: Award,pheonix,ami, then the first two merged, now two: Pheonix-award and AMI, the former is more common. The way into the BIOS setup is basically in the boot when the "Del" key, but some brands of the motherboard is more special, for example, the F2 is pressed by the F2 notebook is in the majority, also press F1, ESC. Most of the defaults to open the support of USB boot devices, in order to be afraid of man-made settings, it is best to restore the BIOS default settings, save Exit is the basic press F10. (see chart below)

  2. Set the BIOS menu item that the U disk starts. The following are some common situations:

A, do not need to enter the BIOS settings now many famous brand manufacturers motherboard without entering the BIOS interface can use shortcut keys to choose USB boot, such as Asus and Lenovo's F8, F11, IBM notebook F12, and some press ESC, usually in post will prompt. As long as you press these shortcuts, and then choose a USB device can be launched smoothly, do not need to care about the startup format of u disk is HDD or zip, it should be said to be more convenient. (see chart below)

B, the older award and the Ami interface are very similar. The bios of the AMI has more bootseqeuncy items, the other basic is the same. All are under the Advancedbiosfeature menu to set the 1stbootdevice to USB-HDD. We're right here. Select Usb-zip as the first boot device.

C: The newer motherboard BIOS often does not have the USB-HDD option, this BIOS set USB disk boot All need to set up two items at the same time, below is a few concrete examples: first set the hard disk as first boot device, then go to the above "harddiskbootpriority" project, Inside can see the hard drive and the model of U disk at the same time, the U disk is transferred to the first place

D: The more common new situation, generally now newer motherboards are, the BIOS does not appear at all similar to USB-??? The project, this is the motherboard of the U disk when the hard drive treatment, set U disk startup mostly involves two menu items, the name is basically "1stbootdevice", "Bootsequece", "harddiskbootpriority" and so on. Set the basic idea is to first set the hard disk as the first boot device, and then to the hard drive to select items to mention the first. Provide a few pictures for your reference, award and Ami have, similar (pictured below):

E: A MSI motherboard BIOS:

F: There is also an AMI settings interface (China engine motherboard and some ASUS Motherboard and Onda series) as shown below, you can set the boot order in the Boot tab:

Can see here that you and I have the same patience, then follow this method to experience the joy of the success of the U Kai!

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