The method of construction: 1, 2, 3 chapters read the review

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Chapter I.

The first chapter is mainly about the introduction of software engineering. After reading the first chapter of the Law of construction, we understand the general phase of software development, understand the characteristics of the engineering, and define the target of software development. In this chapter, the concept of software engineering is analyzed, and the various stages of software development are analysed in detail, and the idea that we just finished the code, even if the programming is completed, is overturned. Preliminary understanding of the goal of software engineering, the difference between individual and team work.

Question: Software industry Outlook?

Chapter II

Chapter two deals with a term: unit testing. The book mentions that unit testing plays an important role in a good software, a good unit test should be accurate and fast to ensure the accuracy of the basic module, unit testing also has a series of standards to verify its quality. On the basis of unit test, a regression test is also derived.

Question: How to write unit tests, what is the difference between regression testing and unit testing?

Chapter III

This chapter is mainly from the measurement and development of personal ability and the professional development of software engineering, the understanding of general software design thought and the engineering idea, the promotion of professional skills and the actual results achieved. Become a software engineer, first of all to learn and accumulate software development-related knowledge, continuous learning, and constantly accumulate, improve technical skills, understand the professional development of software engineers have a test-level road, founder and join the company road.

Question: In addition to programming capabilities and a variety of certificates, what can we have to be more advantageous than others?

The method of construction: 1, 2, 3 chapters read the review

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