The method of setting up the whole background music of PPT

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1. Open the "insert"-> Sound "->" file voice, select the prepared sound file (MP3 or WAV, etc., assuming that the "Hero's Dawn is now inserted. mp3");

2. The system will pop up a dialog box asking "How do you want the sound to start when the slide is playing" and click "Auto" to play the sound when the slide is displayed with a "horn" icon on the slide

3. Click to select the "Horn" icon, select "Animation"-> "Custom Animation";

4. Click the "Custom Animation" dialog box on the right side of the window "hero's Dawn." MP3 The right Drop-down arrow, select Start from Previous, and then click Effect Options;

5. On the Effect Options settings page, the default option for stop playing is [when clicked]. Depending on your needs, if you want the background music to exist on the "X" Slide, select "After x slides" in the "Stop playing" option, where x represents the number of slides you want the background music to persist. If you want to add full background music, just the first slide on the * * music file, the "Stop playing" option after the "X" to the total number of slides. Or you can fill in a large number in it as long as you are larger than the number of slides on the OK.

But this is done by the PPT has its downside, is that it is the courseware itself and the background music is separate. Can you turn the sound file into a common text and the courseware itself? I've seen someone do it before. pps files are integrated into the sound, only one file, but there is background music when playing. In fact, the most important thing about this problem is that the background music format is not correct. The sound file you added must be in the. wav format.

How to make PPT and music into each other

Because PPT by default, if the sound file is less than 100kb,ppt will automatically embed the sound into the document, this value is actually we can change according to need. The maximum can be changed to 50000KB, which is 50MB. How do I change it?

1. Click the "Tools-Options-General" tab, insert "50000" after "link sound file is not less than";

2. The added sound file must be of ". wav" format, ". mp3 or. wma" and so on. Oh, no!

Then the PPS file is exported and the original sound file can be deleted. If you open the PPS again, is there a sound?

But we'll find that sometimes our music library has only the MP3 or the. wma format of music, and there is no. wav format music, so what to do? Then Allah tells Lennon to be anxious and look down.

Now there are a lot of music conversion software on the Web, such as: Gold wave. Google search can search out a lot of wood version to come, hehe. Choose a random one, which can be converted between various music file formats. WAV-> MP3, WAV-> wma, WAV-> OGG, MP3-> wma, MP3-> WAV, MP3-> MP3, MP3->, OGG wma-> MP3, WMA- > WAV, WMA-> WMA, WMA-> OGG, OGG-> MP3, OGG-> wav, OGG-> wma, OGG->.

The problem came out again, after the transformation of the original 3MB mp3 file suddenly became 27MB or a larger file. Although we succeeded in converting the MP3 to WAV, it was too much of a crash to become so big. Is there any way to make it smaller? This is good for easy copy. The compression method is also more wood firmly. Here's a simple way to tell you.

Compress WAV audio files with Windows Recorder skillfully

Believe that everyone's computer installed Windows, regardless of 95, 98, 2000, XP, ME, etc., have their own sound Recorder software, unless you are still in the DOS era, this Sound Recorder software can be in the Start menu > Program > Accessories > Entertainment > Recorder found, open.

1. First from the "File" menu "open" you want to compress the WAV file

2. Then select "Properties" from the "File" menu.

3. Pop up a window, click "Convert Now"

4. Select "Phone quality" or "Radio quality" in the dropdown window and click "OK"

5. Return to the immediately converted page, then click "OK"

6. "File" menu midpoint "Save As", select the storage location, save.

This will be a much smaller WAV file.

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