The mobile phone version of the cheetah browser started Public Beta to support fast broadcasting and Baidu audio and video

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Kingsoft Network began to publicly test the mobile phone and iOS versions of the cheetah browser ). The mobile phone version of the cheetah browser features high speed and cool. It highlights the Video watching function on mobile phones. For the first time, it supports fast broadcasting and Baidu audio and video on mobile browsers.



IOS version:

Download the General QR code for Android and iOS:

According to the introduction, the mobile phone version of the cheetah browser has the following three features:

First, the mobile phone version of the cheetah browser can play videos in hundreds of video formats. It not only supports many video websites such as Youku and Sohu, but also supports fast broadcast and Baidu video and video websites, rich video resources. In addition, the mobile version of the cheetah browser provides a one-click video download function.

The online video playback function of the mobile phone version of the cheetah browser is developed based on the VPlayer Playback Technology in cooperation with the company. The hardware decoding technology pioneered by VPlayer is used for in-depth exploration and hardware acceleration, this technology not only perfectly supports online streaming media, but also saves 8 times the power of traditional soft decoding and playback videos.

Once again, in terms of product design, the cheetah cooperated with RigoDesign, a famous international design company, to create a brand new interface with cool appearance, and pioneered the smart circle to subvert the toolbar Design of traditional browsers, click and slide operations to simplify the browsing experience of mobile touch screen devices. Its card-based multi-tab display and big picture browsing make operations more convenient.

Finally, the mobile phone version of the cheetah browser enables zero-second startup and instant loading. It has made more than 100 Optimizations to the Chrome kernel to implement smart anti-jamming and exclusive Web Cache Technology, this also increases the access speed by 100%.

A year ago, Cheetah launched a PC browser. According to the latest statistics from the CNZZ data center, it has more than 10 million daily active users, more than old browsers such as Firefox and Opera. With the official launch of the mobile phone version, users of the cheetah browser can access the Internet smoothly on PCs, iOS and Android.

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