The more you try, the luckier you get.--51cto PMP Hundred Days Preparation notes

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The more you try, the luckier you get.--51cto PMP Hundred Days Preparation notes
                                                                                (PMP4期VIP备考群180908  唐尧)    

After one months of long wait, finally received the PMI e-mail, when the first sight of "congratulations", excitement and excitement is difficult to suppress, clenched fist to himself shouted "yes! "Once again it's my motto," The more I try, the luckier I get.

Last have this experience and feeling or 15 years ago, after the national Day in 2003, decided to prepare for the postgraduate examination, from October to January, the same only 100 days of preparation time, Kung Fu is not a conscientious, 100 day and night of hard work for a postgraduate admission notice. June 2018, in the sales of this post to fight 11 years later, unexpectedly suddenly want to test a "PMP", there is no purpose, that is, although I have done so many years sales, business ability is strong, but there is no discipline in project management, want to let oneself systematically learn project management knowledge, More than the pressure of the body. So I started my hundred-day preparation trip.
Simply recall that there were several stages:


At first I prepared myself to chew the book (in fact, to leave the posterior, if the book easy to enroll, if it is too difficult to buy back after the books when the dictionary, 3900 yuan of the registration fee is a bit expensive! ), on TB on the "Practical Pmbook Guide" and "Dr. Wang" book to buy, bought back found completely chewing not move, what is it-input, tools, output, each chapter is similar! Test or not test? Two of their own continue to persuade each other, until one day in the online encounter "51CTO" After, I decided: Test! In fact, I have no memory of the day to 51CTO of the teacher asked how many questions, asked what questions, only remember the other side of the service is very good, let me decide not only to spend more than 3,000 yuan to apply for, but also more than 3,000 pieces of money reported 51CTO training course.
My experience at this stage is:
1, to their own to be ruthless, first pay the money to force their own efforts, "sunk costs" with good can also motivate themselves;
2, to find a good platform is a good start.


Bulkhead reading stage; Because what is not clear, and no shy and everyone to discuss, only remember to add to a QQ group, only Liu Hao and I occasionally in the group to speak, Liu Hao complained about the group is too quiet, noisy to change group, I think this guy is straight enough (and later proved that he is a real love to learn the Lord).
I did 3 things at this stage:
1, the "PMBOOK" read through once (grasp the big frame, have the impression on the line);
2, the teaching video has been listened to (the focus is 7 star PPT);
3, Dr. Wang's book read once (master the method inside).
Individual learning Order is 2-1-3 (everyone's learning method is different, own grasp)


The completion of the examination, the VIP in September, the class was divided into another QQ group, this is the real organization. Here met the best teacher Wang and a group of motivated students. No exaggeration, in this group actively discuss share of the harvest, at least for the final exam plus 20 points above. Fortunately, his efforts were seen by Mr. Wang, was elected as a study committee, and later promoted to Vice-squad leader, this encouragement to my learning motivation to become more powerful, at the same time, in their own capacity, but also constantly to other students to answer questions, together grow is the real happiness.
My experience at this stage is:
1, the second time reading, key knowledge points can be written down in their own language;
2, the second time to see the video (You can listen to the speed), the key map of their own drawing out;
3, discussion. Actively participate in the group discussion, no time to participate in a timely manner, but also to climb the floor to read everyone's speech, from different angles to see how you can analyze the problem to deepen memory.


The purpose of the test brush is two: one is to find the feeling of the test, how to adapt in 4 hours to complete the 200 problems, the second is to find their weak links, check the gaps.
My experience at this stage is:
1, do enough questions. Make your own wrong question bank electronic version, deposit mobile phone convenient to review at any time.
2, discussion. Take part in the quiz to answer live, and put oneself still do not understand the topic put in the group let everybody help doubts.
3, treasure. This time can see a few more times Mr. Wang's treasure (if you can export some of their own summary of the treasure is better)


The last one weeks, it is not appropriate to look at each chapter of the book, take out their own wrong question bank, their own summary of the guide map, his summary of the collection of the treasure. Take a look at the pre-exam precautions and adjust the status to the best.

Share a set of my preparation pictures:

Above only for sharing, no experience, just want to tell you want to apply for a friend of PMP, 51CTO is a good platform, through their own efforts to the peace table teachers, classmates help, successfully passed the exam is not difficult. Finally thanked Wang Wang teacher and class teacher, TA's hard pay, thank you all the way peer brothers and sisters, thank you!

The more you try, the luckier you get.--51cto PMP Hundred Days Preparation notes

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