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Java is an object-oriented programming language, which was officially released by Sun Microsystems Company in 1995. Until today, Java has been one of the most popular programming languages. Today, Java is used in a variety of technology areas, such as Web development, Android development, game development, large data, and so on.

Across the world, thousands of Java developers are carrying out a wide variety of software development projects. Different developers use different tools, and each project requires a different technology. However, they all use the Internet to find solutions to their learning needs or programming problems.

So I've listed 11 sites that can help Java developers improve their programming capabilities. The list of these popular sites can cover learning resources, q&a forums, code snippets and other rich content.

1.Stack Overflow

Stack overflow is one of the most representative Q&a (FAQ) Sites in the Java field. The site allows Web developers, programmers, and learners to post related questions or find answers to their programming questions. Stack overflow has more than 150 online communities, including technology, software development, Android development, Java programming, and more. Programmers can join the discussion boards and question and answer forums in areas of interest to them.

2.Code Project

Code Project is a web forum that caters to the needs of all programmers. The Forum's core discussion sections include java,android,c#,c++, IoT and web development. Java developers can join their online communities, publish their own programming problems, or solve other people's queries. In addition, code project provides developers with snippets, research results, and interesting articles.

3.Code Ranch

Code Ranch is another web forum designed for the Java programming language. The site focuses on the current popular Java technologies, such as Java frameworks and libraries, Oracle, Glassfish,tomcat,hadoop, and so on. Code Ranch provides a one-stop experience for developers looking for learning resources, sample codes, and articles.


GitHub is one of the largest public and private code warehouses in the digital space. The site has more than tens of millions of registered users, for all types of professional programmers is a very important site. Github,java developers can contribute to a variety of Java-related open source code, as well as release software development projects.


Dzone is one of the largest resource sites for professional software developers. The site publishes High-tech content in various technical fields, such as large data, cloud computing, Java, IoT, web development, etc. In addition, it is also a very popular online community with more than 1 million active users. Dzone provides a range of learning resources in the form of white papers, reports, code structures, links, articles, and more.


Leetcode is an online q&a platform that currently supports 9 programming languages, including Java,c++,c,python,javascript and Ruby. The Q&a section of Leetcode has a separate mock interview area that allows developers to deal with difficult problems. In addition, the website also provides solutions to programming problems related to databases and algorithms.


Javased is a large resource-class Web site that involves Java source code and Java code examples. The site can view the source code for Java API classes, and look for code samples and information related to Java APIs, libraries, frameworks. More than 10,000 Java API classes have been covered in Java sed.


Techbeamers is an online resource class website that provides programming quizzes for languages such as Java, Python, Selenium, and Unix/linux. In addition, the site provides a wide range of online tutorials for various programming languages and technologies, such as Wordpress,shell Script,c++,java and Selenium. Techbeamers also allows developers to find answers to questions about mock interviews so they can prepare for job interviews.


Programtalk is an online resource class Web site based on learning Java technology, covering Java code, Java framework, Java design patterns, and more. The site has a number of Java tutorial resources, covering a wide range, including merge sorting algorithm, automatic packaging, fast sorting algorithm, memory leak detection and so on.

10.Instance of Java

Instance of Java is a very popular web site for online learning java. The site covers the most popular Java programming concepts, including Java basic concepts, object-oriented concepts, arrays, exception handling, Java strings, encapsulation classes, and so on. In addition, the site also provides a basic to advanced Java code Surface Questions and Answer methods.

11.Concrete Page

Concrete page is undoubtedly one of the largest resource-class Web sites to learn java. On this site, you can find a variety of Java frameworks, core Jdk,java EE platforms, and tutorials related to the Java SE platform. Concrete page provides tutorials on the spring framework, Struts 2,HIBERNATE,QUARTZ,JDK 8, Java APIs, and more.


In addition to these important sites, the most important thing for every Java developer is to maintain a love of the Java programming language. I hope that the Java developers can collect these sites, and continue to learn, to move forward!

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