The most powerful CASE tool in the Network + typical UML learning e-capital download summary, essential for software design and development personnel

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CASE tool:

Sybase powerdesigner 15.0 perfect edition + special files

UML modeling and CASE tools Visual paradigm suite 4.2 sp2 enterprise edition download (including authorization files)

UML modeling and CASE tools Visual paradigm for UML 6.1 enterprise perfect edition download

Start the source UML modeling tool staruml necessary tools for design developers!

IBM rational solutions v2003

Classic UML Chinese learning materials:

Mythical man-month

UML User Guide (version 2nd) PDF (Chinese Version)

Practical UML tutorial-for. NET developers (Chinese PDF (HD version)

UML 2 Toolkit (UML 2 Toolkit)-Software Engineering Series

UML and Software Modeling

Basic UML, cases and applications (Third edition)

Object-oriented object analysis and design (UML 2.0)

Shang UML video tutorial Li tengavi Full Version Download

Learn UML (mp3) in 7 minutes)

UML with rational rose from entry to entry

Software testing Version 2

UML basics and Rose modeling tutorial

Software Engineering ideas

The basis of reusable object-oriented software in Design Mode

Unified Modeling Language (UML) design core

Professor Chen tianzhou, Foundation of software engineering, Zhejiang University (Lecture 32)

Face-to-Face program design professor Mao Gensheng from Zhejiang University (Lecture 30)

Active Learning using UML and style (version 2)

Application of UML and pattern-Introduction to Object-Oriented Analysis and Design (Third edition)

Basic UML tutorial

Getting started with UML (Chinese Version)

UML (version 2)

Software Engineering ideas

UML 2.0 design specifications

Core UML Design Technology

Classic UML English documents:

Wiley UML le)

UML 2.0 in action

UML 2 dummies

UML Reference Manual

24-hour UML self-study tutorial (Third edition)

Guide to applying the UML

The UML Reference Manual (version 2)

The elements of UML 2.0 Style

O 'Reilly learning UML 2.0

Fast Track UML 2.0

Model-driven development with executable UML

Version 2 of Software Design

The art of software testing Version 2

Requirements management

Rational uniied process for System Engineering

Hacker's Guide to Project Management Version 2

Pragmatic unit testing in java with JUnit

Writing valid tive Use Cases

Iterative UML development using VC ++ 6

UML for Java programmers

Pragmatic version control using CVS

Pragmatic project automation

Software Engineering Quality practices

UML for developing knowledge management systems

O 'Reilly learning UML

O 'Reilly essential CVS

Microsoft Office Visio 2007 step by step

Microsoft Office Visio 2007

Microsoft Office Visio 2003

Microsoft Project 2007

Microsoft Office Project 2003

MS Office Project Server 2007 unleashed

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