The mouse grasps the method to pinch the mouse and to lie in the rat to have what difference?

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The mouse grasps the method to pinch the mouse and to lie in the rat to have what difference?

1. Pinch rat:

Use this posture to hold the mouse, only the fingertips and mouse contact, the whole mouse can be in the palm of a certain range of free movement, a small range of mobile mouse, with a high degree of flexibility of the advantages. Some gamers adore this approach. This method of the mouse modeling, ergonomic requirements are not high. Therefore, the mouse shape, size, etc. can be relatively arbitrary. So choose your favorite brand, model, price of the mouse can be.

2, the mouse lying:

The posture using the mouse, the entire palm naturally relaxed, put on the mouse, by the mouse to carry the weight of a hand a way to use. Use this kind of posture to hold the mouse, because the palm completely put on top of the mouse, need the mouse to be able to provide a full and uniform support of the palm, so the ergonomic modelling has higher requirements. Therefore, you can choose the right hand-type, leprous mouse.

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