The novice uses the remote control the Sunflower tutorial

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Sunflower remote control with the face of a variety of complex network environment to achieve the intranet penetration, you can easily through the browser to remote PC services, processes, users and files and other management.

As a novice, how to start playing the Sunflower remote control?

First, registered account

The main control end to visit the Sunflower Official website (, click on the upper right of the page "register" to enter the registration page for registration.

Second, the main control side to add a host

1, by the main control to visit the Sunflower official website, the use of account login into the sunflower management, as shown in the list of equipment, click "Add Device."

2, fill in the host information

To facilitate differentiation and memory, you can set the host name and host description for the managed host, and then click OK when the setting is complete.

3, get the Kwai code and the Controlled-end directional installation link

You can choose the local installation or non-local installation of the controlled end, after the successful installation will be automatically through the Kwai Code landing Sunflower controlled.

The machine is installed on the control side: directly click on "Online Installation" can be.

Non-native installation of the controlled end: Click "Copy to Paste Board" via email or chat software, etc., and open the managed-side-directed installation URL on the machine that needs to be installed.

4. Open the directed installation link from the main control party on the controlled machine.

5, download the latest installation package

Third, other installation methods

In the Sunflower website--Sunflower Download page ( Download the client installation package.

Four, the sunflower is controlled by the end of the installation Wizard

1. Open the installation package and start running.

2. Select the program installation directory.

3. Please wait while the installation is in progress.

4. Installation complete.

5. After the installation, the controlled end of the automatic login.

Five, the main control party realizes the remote control based on the Web way

The main control party visits the Sunflower official website, uses the account login to enter the sunflower management, the controlled end host will display in the host list, directly clicks the on-line host to be possible to be controlled the host to carry on the remote control.

In order to ensure the safety of the software, the sunflower needs to log on to the remote host two times authentication, Windows account authentication and access password authentication.

You can log on to the remote host desktop after you enter the Windows account username and password for the managed host.

Enter access password to log in.

The access password can be set in the security of the managed side.

You can start remote control once you have successfully logged in.

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