The origins of New Year's Day and a beautiful myth

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New Year's legends
"Ah --"
There was a sudden scream, followed by a few miserable noises. I saw Jin Wu spin body, fly up and fly, the back of the wings has been oblique cut off half, gold as the rain from the wound splash, falling instantly become a melting sea of fire. When I look at it, I say, "Where are the obstacles going?", and I am eager to leave it empty. Which of the following is Jin Wu's fierce and stubborn? The emperor who suddenly turned his head to the right is also catching up with the rules and fought to spit out the cone of the day. The emperor was not able to guard, and was not swaying, and a golden light flashed by his left shoulder; I only heard the emperor say, "Oh, sorry,", turning over and dropping off the cloud. Then Jin Wu rushed to zookeeper. He did not expect that he was desperate to fight, and he was busy waving his sword; but he was so angry that he could not throw the sword in front of him; the feet on the lower side are holding your feet firmly, the upper right side is holding the left arm of the upper side, and the left side is holding his right shoulder firmly. Then, I throw my head backwards, loose mouth, mouth Fuxi, fiercely swallowed to the skull of the moles.
Why does Jin Wu have such a skill to compete with the power of the three gods, namely the emperor, Emperor, and Houyi. In the old age, pangu, the great creator of the world, completed its great journey. After it became a world of all things, the skycone and the ground axe used were made into a ball, and they turned around the world in turn. The sky cone is made into an anode gold ball, people call him the sun; the ground axe is made into a cathode silver ball, people call him the moon. After the three emperors and five emperors, the sun has continuously absorbed the essence of Heaven and Earth over the past ten years, and has developed its own soul. It has three wings and four feet, with a back-to-back wing as a body-Protected Gold Wing, which can protect it from the harm of all things in the world; it can also spit and melt, swallow all things; especially powerful, it is the opening cone of the heart bone that can be indestructible.
At the beginning, Jin Wu started to run according to the initial trajectory, and the sky was warm. With the increase of mana, we gradually failed to see everything in our eyes. Later, we finally disrupted the benevolent law of heaven and earth, and produced nine suns, which could damage the world. The mountains and rivers are dry, and the disaster recovery of the people is very serious. After learning about the ten-day disaster, the Jade Emperor sent a later warning to kill the sun And let Jin Wu correct the evil spirits. Which of the following is the sin of heaven? I want the emperor to compensate him and kill him. So we had this battle of righteousness and evil. Because Jin Wu has a body, Jin Yi, the gods fought against it for more than three thousand days, but they could not help it. Fortunately, nvwa turned the sun of the moon into a sword of extremely overcast land and gave it to Jinwu, and broke the pure Yang wing of Jinwu with pure Yin. This cut the Gold Wing of Jinwu.
Later, Jin Wu melted his head and suddenly saw a golden light directly into the back of Jin Wu. Jin Wu said a strange cry in the sky, but the four feet are tight due to the great pain. At this time, I tried to endure the pain and seize the opportunity. I used my right arm to fight down and cut the bottom left foot of Jin Wu. Jin wucai was cut off the body and the wings were damaged and went crazy. At this time, he suffered a broken foot injury. Although the magic is like nothing, after all, he was so powerful that he could not help himself, turning to the ground. The Emperor quickly picked up the fallen rule, raised his right hand moment, facing Jin Wu, left hand holding the rule in the moment, with the rule heart aligned with Jin Wu, the mouth read words; we can see that a circle of white halo is formed by the rule center, and the aperture is quickly expanded. When the moment is dispersed, the moment side also emits a circle of square halo, forming a knot in the 'circle of thes, go to Jin Wu and seal it inside. At this time, I just took an arrow and shot the back of Jin Wu. I quickly picked up the fallen pan-ground sword and shot it with a bow. It passed through Jin Wu's heart. I saw this poor, fierce, and fierce barrier. After struggling for a while, I threw out a few groups in my mouth and pushed them to the four sides.
A dark battle for a thousand days has finally ended. But the world is in the dark. In the past, Jin Wu was made, and the moon was converted into a sword, and there was no sun or moon shining in the sky. As a result, nvwa re-converted the sword back to the moon, and took out the heart of Jin Wu, to make a new warm and pure as the beginning of the Sun, the world has restored the light. The gods originally wanted to divide Jin Wu, and they had already decided to suffer. But this Jin Wu is the god of pangu, and has learned the essence of heaven and earth for years. It has become an immortal soul and can only be stored. Because it is an accumulation of the opening cone, it cannot find the method that can be permanently stored. While the gods were thinking, the cut of the foot suddenly came to the nvwa, although the gods chopped, but the fault but while the gods micro chaos, fight for the last point of energy to break the seal, turn yourself into the body of the neighborhood, and destroy it with yourself, revenge for the neighborhood; and drop its blood into the new sun, so there is a triplicate shadow in the new sun. Although the new sun can run according to the original trajectory, it is no longer the ever warm sun. Because of the evil blood, not only does the temperature of the day change constantly, in addition, the overall temperature of several broken times in a year is also different, so there are changes between the world and the Four Seasons. Although the new sun is not always warm, it increases the taste of the world and makes people more energetic. This is a coincidence that Jinwu cannot harm others.
Heaven and earth have finally recovered to normal. In order to commemorate and let future generations cherish this hard-won bright light, people refer to the day when the sun rises again as New Year's Day, we hope that there will be new and better changes every day in the future. People will also take a paper cut to record the battle and paste it on the window to commemorate it, so they will leave the New Year's Day with a window; on this day of every year, a grand gathering will be held to celebrate the bitter and dark fragmentation and the coming of light. After Jin Wu was moved into the body of the Houyi, the gods wanted to force it out, but in order to be able to permanently seal Jin Wu and resolve its grievances, he was willing to use it as a seal, made a Osmanthus tree. In order to completely seal up the barrier, nvwa blocks it on the moon and uses the cathode energy to digest its anode power. In the Osmanthus tree, Jin Wu uses a daily cone to increase the length and tries to break the seal one day. In order to prevent micro-dujian, The Yudi school Wu Gang cut down the number of guidu once a day to cut off its daily struggles. Fairy Chang couldn't bear to see her husband suffer every day, but there was no way, so she went alone to the deserted moon to accompany her later. She lost her heartache due to her grief, therefore, the Jade Emperor gave chang'e an endless medicine pot, and sent another Yutu to cook fairy medicines for her every day and accompany her.
In order to thank Hou Yi for his sacrifice and respect the affection of Chang 'e fairy, the people of the world wrote a card of gratitude and blessing to the fairy on New Year's Day every year to express their gratitude and blessing to their husband and wife, as a result, future generations have left a New Year's Day greeting card to each other. Although Hou Yi suffers a broken head with Jin Wu every day, he does not regret it, but misses Chang 'e very much. When Yu Di falls in love with their true feelings, he is allowed not to cut down the Osmanthus tree on March 13, August 15 every year, let Houyi and chang'e meet. As a result, Hou Yi opened his love and thought out a thousand flowers of sweet-scented osmanthus, so that the rich flowers were full of heaven and earth; Chang 'e fairy picked the sweet-scented osmanthus and made it a moon-like cake to express its reunion with Hou Yi. Later Generations follow their practices, leaving behind the customs of family reunion in August 15 and eating Osmanthus moon cakes. Till today


Yuan refers to the time of the day and the day. New Year's Day is the first day of the year. The term "New Year's Day" first came from Xiao Ziyun, a person from the Southern Dynasty, and the poem "Jie ya": "Four Qi New Year's Day, at the beginning of life ." Song Dynasty Wu zimu "Dream Liang Lu" Volume 1 "Lunar January" entry: "Lunar January shuoday, that is, New Year's Day, the vulgar call for the New Year.
The months and days of Chinese New Year's Day are inconsistent. The Xia Dynasty was in lunar January 1, the Shang Dynasty was in lunar December 1, and the Zhou Dynasty was in lunar November 1. After Qin Shihuang unified the six countries and set the year lunar October 1 as the New Year's Day, the historical traces were not changed ("Historical Records"). When Emperor Wu was in the early year of the Chinese emperor, Sima Qian created the "beginning of the winter calendar". This was the New Year's Day in lunar January 1, which is the same as that stipulated by the Xia Dynasty. Therefore, the "Xia Li" has been used in the Xinhai Revolution. The Republic of China was established. Sun yat-sen decided to set "Lunar January 1 (New Year's Day)" as the Spring Festival and "New Year" as the Chinese New Year in order to "continue the summer, so he counted the Chinese new year from the West Calendar.
In the contemporary era, New Year's Day refers to the first day of the year. Since the West calendar was introduced into China, the term New Year is dedicated to the new year, and the traditional old year is called the Spring Festival.
Before that, New Year's Day was the first day of the lunar calendar year. Yuan refers to the meaning of "beginning" and "beginning". Once it refers to "day", New Year's Day is collectively referred to as "the initial Day", that is, the first day of the year. On September 16, September 27, 1949, the first plenary meeting of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference decided: "The Year of the People's Republic of China adopts the year-based Law of the People's Republic of China", which is what we call the Gregorian calendar. In order to distinguish between the lunar calendar and the Gregorian calendar, in view of the fact that the "Spring Festival" in the 24-day lunar calendar is just before and after the Lunar New Year, lunar January 1 is called the "Spring Festival", and January 1 is set as "New Year's Day, new Year's Day has become a happy holiday for the people throughout the country.
Celebrating New Year's Day is a common practice in all countries and regions around the world. In China, it is also included in the national holiday. China and most countries and regions in the world adopt the Gregorian calendar Law, which defines January 1 as the beginning of the new year and is called "New Year's Day ".
Because the longitude positions of different countries in the world are different, the time of each country is also different. Therefore, the date of "New Year's Day" is also different. For example, Tonga, the island country of Oceania, is located on the west side of the Japanese border. It is the first day in the world and the first country to celebrate New Year's Day. Western Samoa, on the east side of the Japanese border, is the place where a new day begins at the latest in the world. China is the first country in the world to start the new year.

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