The other side of the security dog to add the user

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Found a few days ago, slightly silent, because simple to ...

Use directly under the command line

For/l%i in (1,1,1000) do @net user test test/add& @net localgroup Administrators Test/add

Save As Ad.bat use

FOR/L%%i in (1,1,1000) do @net user test test/add& @net localgroup Administrators Test/add

The command means to loop 1000 times to execute the command add user after do

To talk about a safe dog. To intercept the principle of adding a user

Security dog interception is not a real interception, but every 2 seconds to detect whether there is a new user added, if there are new users, then delete.

So we direct net user test Test/add is able to successfully add users, only two seconds after the security dog was removed.

The above command is repeated with the user's operation, until 1000 times, about two minutes will be completed automatically exit {after remote login test, regardless of whether the test has been deleted, will not be affected}, if an infinite loop is required, the number in parentheses is changed to (1,0,1), Then remember to manually stop

Detected once every two seconds

What's more, if the security dog and 360 exist at the same time, then 360 of the ability to block add users will become invalid
Direct use of the above command can be

guard: Safety Hook +mcafee Control simultaneously, This problem is basically not going to happen.

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