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I. Preamble

Resource integration technology innovation, simple few words, a generation of management master Lin Weixian said the true meaning of success! Life is not a lack of beauty, but a lack of discovery, carefully think, and Mr. Lin Weixian proposed the resource integration is how similar.

All said that the network is the place that creates the wealth, all said that the network is creates the myth the place, but actually realizes the wealth on the network, creates the myth how many people? We look to these people, all the success of technological innovation, or the integration of resources to bring success.

Second, the bursting of the bubble

Success has also failed, the dotcom bust also gave a large number of people to the Internet lost confidence, but also to a group of people holding the hope of success nationalists awry, free movie site is one of the most obvious examples. A little bit of internet users know that in 2000 years or so online free movie site is really dazzling, random search can find a good speed free online theater. Huge bandwidth costs, server-building, hosting costs, and without an effective profit model, these free cinemas have to be closed or merged with a pay movie website.

Of course there are still some free movie sites on the internet, but after going in you will find that it is really difficult to see a movie, you need to install a dedicated plugin do not say, a bunch of ads, and even you can hardly find the actual link to see the movie where, a not careful on the "recruit", in order to see a film, Then need to reload the operating system to bring quiet, such a free movie you want to see it?

Third, the rise of new stars

When everyone loses confidence in the free movie website, a new dazzling star enters our field of vision, it is popular. What is popular? Let's take a look at the official introduction: different from many network TV, High-definition, video-on-demand, update the first, online theater-level audio-visual enjoyment; different from all kinds of download software, the world's first edge look at the bottom, high-speed flow, no plug-ins, no damage to the hard drive. It is clear that the emergence of new stars are low-key, but stressed that different from the network TV, different from the download software, so that the general public more easily accepted, easier to understand, but did not use their own technology and the general trend of boasting so that the common people to create a sense of confusion.

Professional point of view, what is popular? Popular is a perfect fusion on-demand and download of the network video platform, through a larger library, clearer quality, more smooth play won the network of users of the movie favorite.

Also based on BT, you can realize the download side of the software is now a few, why the unique popularity can achieve clearer, more fluent, faster play it?

Four, the popular technology conjecture

First of all, I am not a professional software developer, here only to a layman's perspective, combined with Mr. Lin Weixian "Resource Integration technology innovation" concept, coupled with popular success facts, to guess the popularity of the internal technology implementation.

The same BT, the same peer-to-peer, popular why can ensure "on-demand" (here similar to the previous site's "Play" button), if a film only one person on demand? How to ensure that the user's more fluent, faster playback it? It is clear that popular is not simply a peer-to-peer bt download software, but the introduction of P2SP technology BT download software, that is, on the one hand, the popularity of the construction of film and television resource pool, providing server, bandwidth support, but with the past, the free theater is not popular through MMS or RTSP protocol to provide users with content, But through the peer-to-peer approach.

In other words, when only one person "on demand" movie, in fact, the equivalent of the past free theaters, enjoy the P2S service, when there are two or more people "on demand" video, Peer-to-peer play a role, so as to further ensure that no more users will not have server bandwidth is not enough problem (see Figure 1).

Through this P2SP service, the popularity does not need to be like the free movie site in the past, renting particularly large bandwidth, but only to ensure a small number of P2S application requirements of the bandwidth can be.

Run popular, click on "Recommend Today", is not it feel too familiar with the interface (see Figure 2)? Similar to the previous free movie sites, the list of popular listings is displayed in the form of a software window, and the previous free movie sites are presented as "Web sites." In other words, don't you think the popularity is an integrated "browser" software? Only the browser can access the popular resource site, and there is no address bar.

The same way of showing, different implementation patterns, the results are completely different, through the integration of P2SP, popular without worrying about the huge bandwidth costs, no need to worry about the network by too many users "blocked." Through the integration of P2SP, really users want to see "card" film is difficult ah.

Of course, it's just a simple guess, in the actual implementation process, the internal technology must be much more complex, such as a certain film users reach a certain number, if the control only use Peer-to-peer, and only when the Peer-to-peer can not meet the demand, P2S only "input" to use, so that the greatest degree of saving server resources and bandwidth.

V. Reverie and anticipation

As an ordinary user, in the experience of the popularity of the pleasure, but also for the popular creative staff and admiration, the same thing, change the mode to achieve, the browser, players, Web sites, search engines and other resources for effective integration, from another perspective to provide users with the best quality service. In this spirit to do a career, really want to not succeed is difficult.

Life is not a lack of beauty, but a lack of discovery. Effective integration of resources, innovation to create new resources, creating greater opportunities. Look at the problem in another way, the same resources, different combinations, not the same effect. We look forward to the popular in the resource integration on the road there are more new ideas, so that we can enjoy more general public, better service.

It can be said that the integration of resources, is the popular cast a new era of free cinemas. Is the popular let free online movie back to our side, what? You are still unable to find the free internet to see the movie place and worry about, hurriedly use popular bar!

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