The procedure of realizing the timekeeping of the ancient city bell tower micro-blog

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Everyone has recently been talking about the booming of the ancient city clock tower. Not the V, not the official number, not the Crown member. No personification, no jokes, no operations. In 1 days, fans from less than 10,000 have added more than 200,000 and are continuing to spread and grow fans. I do not study how it is red, but write a similar program to achieve it is very easy, the program is only about 100 lines:

If you do not understand the following code, you can go to see this [popular science paste] the ancient city bell tower of the micro-blog how to achieve it?

First of all, to popularize the relationship between the time of earthly branches and Beijing time:

"Midnight" Midnight, also known as midnight, Bud: 12 Hour of the first hour. (23 o'clock to the next 01 o'clock).

"Shing" Chicken Ming, also known as chicken: the second hour of 12 hours. (from 01 o'clock to 03 o'clock).

"Yinshi" Ping Dan, also known as the Dawn, morning, Ji Dan and so on: When the night and the day of the alternate occasion. (from 03 o'clock to 05 o'clock).

"Shing" Sunrise, also known as the beginning, Dawn, Sunrise, etc.: refers to the sun just show, the period of the rising. (from 05 o'clock to 07 o'clock).

"Chen Shi Shenzhou" food, also known as early food, the ancients "towards food" when the time is to eat breakfast, (07 o'clock to 09 o'clock).

"Sishi" in the corner, also known as the Day Yu, such as: near noon when called the corner. (from 09 O'Clock to 11 o'clock).

"Noon" day, also known as Japan, noon and so on: (China 11 o'clock to 13 o'clock).

"West" Day 昳丽, also known as the day of the fall, the sun, and so on: Sunset to the day. (from 13 o'clock to 15 o'clock).

"Have" feeding, also known as Day shop, Xi food, etc.: (15 o'clock to 17 o'clock).

"Youshi" Day, also known as sunset, Sun Shen, evening: Meaning for the time of sunset. (from 17 o'clock to 19 o'clock).

"Shing" dusk, also known as Rixi, Sunset, evening, etc.: at this time the sun has set, the sky will be black. Heaven and Earth Dim, all things Dim, so called dusk. (from 19 o'clock to 21 o'clock).

"Haishi" people, also known as set faint and so on: At this time the night has been deep, people have stopped activities, rest sleep. Man is a man of peace. (from 21 o'clock to 23 o'clock).

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