The project is over, write a bit of your own experience.

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This is the first project I have made, although it is not so strong and good-looking, but I think I can, in these two months, from the beginning of ignorance, to slowly understand how to design, and then into a basic finished product, to the final delivery,

are a little bit of accumulation, just start to determine their own projects, there is no idea of this thing, communication software is the most critical is how to upload information from one host to another host, in the network principle class, I learned a

Socket socket, through this socket to the host port to query, with the corresponding port can receive information, our team is not just to go outside to find information, and we have this semester now learn the knowledge to use

, we have this communication software chunked, such as the communication block, through the socket to the information transmission, database, with our study of the semester Sqlite3 to build, our group is based on the knowledge we have learned, to

Outside the expansion of information, know that through the socket class in Java can achieve information transfer, through JDBC is to implement the program and database connection, I am in the project is mainly responsible for the database this piece, at the beginning, I want to pass the learned

Knowledge of the database to connect, because this development tool is very small, in the online search is not available, but in some bar, the forum has information about this developer, in our database book written by JDBC can connect the database, but

It is impossible to know how to connect at all without knowing it, and by querying these things, we connect our project to the database, and in the initial design phase, my idea is to store the database on the server so that the customer's

Data security, when users need to view information, send information to the server, the server will return data, but the idea is always error with the reality, our server side and client has been in trouble, when these can affect the communication problem has been repaired, forced

Time pressure, we finally put the database on each client, such security is certainly not so good, this is our project is not so strong one of the reasons.

This is the module I built to connect to the database: Here's what I'm calling from the database:.

Can see in my database is garbled, this is because the character encoding used by Sqlite3 is Utf-8, and the character encoding in Java is GBK, so garbled. In later programs, we resolved the character encoding according to Utf-8,

At the time of the final reply, the teacher asked me Class.forName ("Org.sqlite.JDBC") what is meant, this I am connected to the database has been searched, the net is said to return this class, the next can be used for this class,

I also do not understand this thing, so I ignored the past, but the teacher asked me this when I did not answer, this is my lesson this time, do not use do not understand the things, or will deceive the past, the last teacher told me

This is an instantiation of the class, and I know why I can use this class. Through this project design, I learned a lot of things, but also know that there is a lot of extra-curricular knowledge to understand their own, only to expand their knowledge, to let themselves have

Strength to face the work, the face of the boss, I hope I can learn more practical knowledge in the next life, this is my harvest in this project, I will work hard, here also thank the teacher forced us, or we will not take the initiative to get these

Things, thank you teacher ~ ~

The project is over, write a bit of your own experience.

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