The projection effect of 3dmax making teapot with different materials

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First look at the final effect:

I. Drawing of Entities

1, Start 3dmax9.0, click the "Create" command panel, tap the "Geometry" button, select the "Standard base" item in the Drop-down list, click the "Teapot" button, and create a new teapot Teapot01 in the top view to resize it, as shown in Figure 1.

2. Hold down SHIFT and drag the other 2 teapot Teapot02, Teapot03 in the view, and adjust its position appropriately, as shown in Figure 2.

Second, material configuration

1, open the material editor, select the first sample ball, open the tile display bar, click the None button after reflection, open the material/Texture Explorer panel, select the new single option, and then double-click the bitmap map in the left list to specify a picture, as shown in Figure 3.

2, the first sample ball material to give Teapot01.

3, select the second sample ball, open the "Map" roll exhibition bar, click the None button after reflection to open the material/Texture Explorer panel, select the new single option, and then, in the list on the left, double-click the bitmap map to specify a picture, as shown in Figure 4, and give the Teapot02 the ball material.

4. Select a third material ball, to specify a glass material, open the "Blinn Basic Parameters" Volume display bar, modify its highlight level, and open the "texture" of the display bar, "refraction" to specify a ray tracking map, as shown in Figure 5, the material to give Teapot03.

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