The Pure edition XP system does not have the audio device to be what is going on

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What's wrong with the pure version of the XP system without audio devices ? A pure version of XP system user feedback They often encounter a problem, that is, the computer has no sound problems. At first, the user thought that the interface of the computer was broken or the output device was faulty, but after checking it was found that the computer had no audio equipment. So, how do we solve it? Let's see how it's solved with the small weave!


1. Turn on the computer volume appears without audio device tips;

2. There is no audio things to solve it, first click on the "Start" menu-"select" "Run"-"in the operation of the input" services.msc;

3. Locate the Windows Audio section on the right side of the service;

4. Double hit Open windows Audio;

5. Change the startup type in Windows Audio to Automatic, and then enable it;

6. Finally remember the application to determine;

7. Then open the audio device in the control Panel to see that the display is normal, that is, it can be used normally.

If you also encounter WinXP computer has no audio equipment problems, may wish to try small series for everyone to arrange the solution!

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