The purest thought of Seoer: Who moved my flow?

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Now more and more SEO practitioners of the SEO industry is deeply desperate, on the one hand feel seo more and more difficult to do, on the other hand, looking at Baidu search results in the left eight promotional links, it is very silent! Many people feel that SEO has died, but I want to say is that SEO will never die, only to the SEO forget people.

Although I am holding this view, but sometimes look at that makes me dazzling promotional links, a sense of powerlessness will come to my heart. I also often think, if Google did not "leave" China, it may be very different, as an SEO practitioners, naturally will be the search engine holding the most pure fantasy, today, take this question, may wish to shout: Who Moved my traffic!

Ranking if you want to buy, you can buy

Who moved my traffic? I'm afraid everyone's first thought is to promote the link, tell the truth if Baidu left only three promotional links, I personally still acceptable, put eight is simply a rogue behavior. Many friends are to SEO forget is to think: people are engaged in bidding, you are optimized again good, optimization to the natural search results first so what? The front eight promotional links can preempt most of the traffic. The crux of the problem is that many ordinary netizens are still not sure what is the promotion link, what is the natural ranking. Coupled with the SEO revenue cycle is longer, resulting in a lot of people would rather go direct bidding, completely give up SEO.

Baidu credibility v certification so that the credibility of the site can be measured

Originally Baidu to promote the control of link results has been disappointing, did not expect Baidu will then get into the natural search results, the implementation of the fee credit v certification, there is no doubt that the V certification icon to attract users to click the role is huge, want to rely on the title and description to the V icon to fight in vain, the arm is not twisted thigh. Honest to pay for Baidu. Need to note that many friends have such a misunderstanding and speculation: that the auction site will have a higher weight, will be more conducive to ranking, v certification is also so. What I want to say is that bidding and natural search rankings are two separate systems. This is the bottom line, Baidu will not go to touch. Natural search rankings are fundamental, touch this fundamental, Baidu will die sooner or later. About v certification should be fundamentally and weight, ranking and there is no direct relationship, but because of the V icon to attract users to click a great effect, will slowly promote the site's ranking and weight.

  is the browser interfering with the search results?

Some time ago I used Sogou browser search "Nanjing website Construction" and "PHP" the word when the browser jumped out of a floating window (as shown below), and later with A5 marketing several friends to discuss this issue, they found that 360 browsers also have a similar situation. I can't help but be surprised: browser also to interfere with the search results? I went in to see, is the Sogou buy inside. That is to say now we not only face the Baidu bidding ads, v certification and Baidu's own products and so on, but also face the browser display of the search results and our competition. To think about is really a big, in the future there will be some other way to preempt the flow of natural search results, it is not known, in the face of this kind of situation, how do we do?


Be a seoer of faith

Yes, there are a lot of things that can preempt the flow of natural search results, but we don't have a chance.

1, mining a large number of long tail keywords to obtain traffic, a lot of long tail words are not to do the bidding.

2, the auction will generally have a fixed time to launch, not 24 hours a day to show, which is the advantage of natural search results.

3. As people learn more about search results, more and more people will distinguish between promotional links and natural search results. I have also asked some friends, they are not willing to go to the point of the search results ads, yes, who would like to see the ads? See the movie also, search for things.

4. The competition between search engines will improve the status quo. For example, if Google did not leave China, then presumably Baidu will never put eight to the left to promote the position.

Write in the end: SEO will not die, the market demand will not be less, as long as you are willing to work hard to analyze, willing to adhere to, I believe you will be successful!

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