The purpose of changing the link is to increase the external network and increase the weight of the website.

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1. The purpose of exchanging links is to increase website traffic.

This reason is not true at all. Based on years of tracking and research, we found that increasing website traffic through links is negligible or even negligible, if a website owner must rely on a few limited IP addresses to increase website traffic, it means that the website only exists for traffic and is not for specific user services, such a website will not bring any good user experience to users, nor will it be favored by users. Of course, it will eventually be abandoned by search engines, and it will be impossible to talk about it, it is worth discussing whether such a website is necessary or not.

2. Exchange links to improve website awareness

The power of brand effects is immeasurable, for websites, if they can get exchange links on Xinhuanet, people's network, and other national websites, or if they get good recommendations on well-known website navigation sites with the PR value of hao123, 265, and universal navigation network reaching 7, to enhance the trust of users and enhance the website awareness. However, these high-profile website management is often relatively strict, and it is difficult for general websites to get their favor. Therefore, friendship links can be used to create a well-known "brand effect" in a short time ".

3. Exchanging links is a beneficial supplement to the website

This viewpoint has its own reasonable factors. Theoretically, reasonably increasing the high-profile website connection can expand the breadth and depth of the website's knowledge and objectively increase the good experience of website users. However, websites with a PR value greater than or equal to 7, such as hao123, 265, and universal navigation network, are often difficult to exchange links, so they cannot fundamentally solve the problem.

4. The purpose of exchanging links is to increase the PR value of the website.

PR value is a comprehensive evaluation of the overall quality of the website. In general, the higher the PR value, the higher the website weight, it can be said that the PR value is an important indicator of the current website weight, of course, also refer to some other reasonable factors. At present, the evaluation of the PR value has shifted from a single external area to a comprehensive evaluation of the website. The most important indicator is the "base + variable" model, the "base" is the real strength of the website's comprehensive evaluation. The "variable" is related to the exported external connection, but the most important thing to play is the "base ". This mode further increases the evaluation of websites with a high weight and a high PR value, and also develops punitive measures for the unmeasurable sale of websites with a high weight and a high PR value, so as to facilitate strong cooperation, to some extent, eliminating the abuse of SEO and other technologies affects the fairness and impartiality of Google's search rankings and the emergence of illegal information. So now many well-known websites are very concerned about the real reason for prvalue connection.

So what is the purpose of exchanging links between websites? Using the word "exchange links is a common method for website promotion. The purpose is to increase the weight of a website by adding high-quality external links !" The original intention of our website is to serve specific users. This is the main line. Therefore, to make the website grow and expand gradually, we need to precisely locate it. Through high-quality services, only in this way can we attract and stabilize our user base. According to a study conducted by SEO experts on the universal navigation network, "80% of the traffic on most websites is obtained through search engines, and the higher the website weight, the more traffic is obtained !", Therefore, the development and growth of websites are inseparable from the search engine. To get more traffic from the search engine, we need to constantly improve the weight of the website. We generally think that: "A friendly interface, reasonable architecture, moderate optimization, high-quality content, and strong foreign aid are necessary methods to increase the weight of the website." A strong foreign aid is actually a high-quality external link. Efforts and efforts are required to obtain high-quality, unconnected networks, you may find that many well-known and high-weight websites are actively adding connections to your website.

After careful analysis, we can find that high-quality links are so important because these high-quality external links can bring a large number of web spider s to your website, which crawls on your website, the indexing and ranking of your website can play an incredible role; high-quality external links can bring you a certain brand effect, this gives your website a certain degree of trust in a certain group. High-quality external links are also an effective extension of your website content, so that your website has a better user experience; high-quality external links, because of their authority, can bring high comments to your website and greatly increase the PR value of the website. High-quality external links can bring you unexpected gains, that is, a little traffic; high-quality external links ultimately bring you the weight of a website in the search engine, allowing your website to obtain more users based on its own capabilities.

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