The reason for the 900-degree algorithm's maximum update ranking decline

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Share with you about my three-month experience at the station. What I do is a paper station, Baidu on August 6, 2009 included, and then I do for my station adequate internal optimization and external links, God pays off, in September 8, my station has more than 20 keywords on the Baidu home page, just start not feel what cattle, Later, people do not believe that on the home page can be so many words, then I know that the original station is very strong.

But the last day, in Baidu October 20 that big update, all my keywords ranked all dropped, the remaining few words ranking is only the column page, I believe that a lot of webmaster, it is "gloomy" day.

Because I ranked, I immediately in Baidu carefully looked at a moment, many and I stand on the same encounter, so at that time I thought it was Baidu error, should be restored after a few days, has not cared about, probably after a week to find the ranking has not come up, then I was anxious, I began to seriously find reasons, through my observation, I have summed up some of the reasons for the decline in rankings:

1. The new station rankings have been adjusted, the general new station ranked better all transferred to the back, and the previous no ranking of the new station this time, why is this happening? Because for Baidu he is to see the weight to rank, for the new station he should not give you very high weight, also on the new station should not give you a good rank, In particular, a lot of words have a good ranking, but also are home rankings, all the new station to be down the right is also expected to, due to the Baidu algorithm update, may be the new station's assessment period has been adjusted long.

2. Keyword density is too high, piling up too much, this is also Baidu down the important factor of power.

3. Friendship Link: Baidu This friendship link algorithm did some adjustment, obviously to the number of links have control, for the general station, friendship Links do not more than 30, not one-way export links (this has the suspicion of selling links), links quality is not good, but also directly affect the ranking.

4. The updated content is not original, Baidu how to change the algorithm, the original content in the ranking of the strength only increase, no reduction, so the webmaster do a good job of original is very important AH!

5. Station group, there are many webmasters like to do a lot of stations, hehe! I myself is such, do a lot of station does not matter, but have you ever thought that Baidu will let the same person's many websites, search the same word when all appear in the home page? Impossible, even if it is temporary. Of course, you can use a different way to let Baidu do not know that these stations are a person on the can.

These 5 points is my analysis of the decline in the ranking of their website, I also around these points to the site has been adjusted, the current ranking has been restored a part of the expected day full recovery. Believe this big update, a lot of webmaster have summed up their own experience, hope to get A5 to learn together, progress together.

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