The reset key after the router reset initial settings No matter what is going on?

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The method of the router resets simply is to reset by the reset key of the router's side. In general, the router will revert to the factory settings, the default login IP is, the default username and password is admin/admin.

But after the router reset did not return to the factory settings how to do?

If the above situation, network management must do their own hands-on testing, first look at manually specify whether the IP address is normal. Next look at the NIC "Disable" or "Enable". Then you need to look at your computer service dhcpclient is open, you must make it on the line. The small series recommends that you set up and then check to see if you can go back to the router's initial settings.

The steps are: try to repair the local connection first, then restart the computer. If it still doesn't work, you should consider whether to upgrade the network card driver.

The above is the router reset does not return to the initial settings of the solution. If you do not solve the problem after the above operation, it is possible that your computer has a hardware problem, you must get to the repair station.

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