The rise and fall of the 2-year-old station from high weight to downgrading

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Looking back at the history of website construction in the past, from 2010 to 2012, the two-year anniversary of the establishment of During this long period of time, the chinamiclouddb has passed through several spring and autumn without knowing it, all the way, it's sad! Next we will announce the rise and fall of the two-year-old station from the high weight to the downgrading process and the tens of thousands of website traffic dropped to the hundreds of traffic. How did we achieve this? What happened during the period? Let's try again.

Chinese quotations were originally just a new site with no weight, not to mention website traffic, which is almost zero. However, after three months of optimization, the website began to improve and gradually gained Traffic. At this time, the main task was to exchange friends and link with some high-weight websites, believe in the phrase "the world is big, no wonder", even if your pr is 0, you can switch to pr3's friend chain, the key is to find the other method and application skills. In this way, less than a week I made 30 or so pr2-3 friends chain, the website rankings have indeed improved, a month later, google updates pr, the pr of the Chinese quote rose from 0 to 3, so we don't have to worry about traffic when we have the weight. So I spent half a year increasing the weight of my website to 3, and the traffic ip address to 5000. At this time, my mood was so pleasant and worrying. What makes me happy is that the traffic has made a big breakthrough, and what makes me sad is whether the traffic is stable and rising. With constant hard thinking, I finally made a unique and unique choice in history, resulting in the rise and fall of the two-year-old station from high-weight downgrading, from flourishing to extinction. It is distressing.

Some may ask me, what makes the decision to let the Chinese quotations, a two-year-old station from the rise to the fall, from high weight was downgraded? Next I will explain for you what is my choice?

When the traffic in the Chinese saying goes through IP addresses, even tens of thousands of traffic may occur during holidays. To improve the user experience and provide better services for users, I decided to change the version! This is the fatal revision. My Chinese quotations have fallen into the trap of death. From now on, there is no starting day. Baidu has downgraded my website and the two-year-old station is finished, no matter whether you are sending an external link or writing an original link, the weight has never improved, the indexing and external links are declining, and the traffic is decreasing day by day. Only snapshots are updated every day because snapshots are available, this is why I have supported today, and I have never lost confidence. I have been fighting until today. After unremitting efforts and battles, my website has gradually started to improve, the indexing has also started to increase, and there are more external links, that is, the website ranking is not good, the weight has not been completely restored, and you can only continue to stick to and wait.

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