The rise of ECs

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The rise of ECs

The arrival of cloud computing can help webmasters and entrepreneurs directly with the cloud servers provided by IAAs and PAAs service providers. This is also the focus of this topic. For the majority of users who are used to traditional host hosting and leasing services, the concept of cloud host seems to be far away. What is cloud host? What is the difference between hosting and leasing?

Stage 1 VM Era

Since the birth of the Internet, most Webmasters have learned how to build websites from "Shared hosting. In 2007, it was a very popular year for Virtual Hosts. All major virtual host providers in China launched a variety of personalized virtual hosts, such as commercial, professional, and free. Virtual Hosts allocate a certain amount of disk space on network servers for users to place sites and application components, and provide necessary site functions, data storage and transmission functions. The so-called virtual host, also known as "website space", is to divide a server running on the Internet into multiple "virtual" servers, each VM has an independent domain name and a complete Internet server (supporting WWW, FTP, e-mail, and so on.

Stage 2 independent host popularity

With the popularity of web, online videos, online podcasts, and other new things, the demand for network resources is also increasing, and many large and medium-sized enterprises and websites want to have independent management rights, free Management of important website data and materials. Simple VM products cannot meet this market demand. As a result, after 2006, independent hosts gradually became popular. Independent hosts, namely, dedicated servers, mean that Customers rent a server to display their websites or provide their own services, it has more space, faster speed, independent CPU computing, and other advantages than virtual hosts. Of course, the price is also more expensive. Because it is a dedicated server, the performance and freedom are better. The disadvantage is that you must have a certain understanding of server security. Otherwise, a security vulnerability may cause a huge loss.

VPs host outbreak in stage 3

Because the virtual host is prone to server faults, all websites are inaccessible, and the stability is poor, while the price of independent hosts is high. The advantages of VPs hosts are just between the two. Since 2009, VPs has become popular among webmasters. Virtual Private server (VPs) technology divides a server into multiple virtual exclusive servers for high-quality services. Each VPs can be assigned an independent public network IP address, independent operating system, independent ultra-large space, independent memory, independent CPU resources, independent execution programs, and independent system configurations. In addition to multiple virtual hosts and unlimited enterprise mailboxes, you can also have independent server functions. you can install programs and restart the servers separately. Best Choice for high-end VM users.

Stage 4: Rise of ECs

VM instances are Virtualization Technologies similar to VPs hosts. VPs uses virtual software. VZ or VM virtualizes multiple parts of a similar independent host on a single host. Each part can be used as a separate operating system and managed in the same way as the host. A vm instance virtualizes multiple independent hosts on a group of cluster hosts. Each host in the cluster has an image of a VM instance, this greatly improves the security and stability of VM instances. VM instances cannot be accessed unless all the hosts in the cluster have problems. As a new generation of host Leasing Service, it integrates high-performance servers with high-quality network bandwidth, effectively solving the disadvantages of traditional host leasing prices, uneven service products, etc, it can fully meet the low-cost, high-reliability, and easy-to-manage requirements of Server rental services for small and medium-sized enterprises and individual webmaster users.

Cloud servers, VPs, and independent servers

1. If you compare a VPs to a faucet, the computing and storage resources of the server are a pipe with many faucets. You need to pay for renting this faucet, and its water flow is limited. If you want to increase the flow of water, you need to rent more leaders. At the same time, if all the leaders are in flow, the flow of water will decrease.

2. For cloud computing hosts (ECS), what you get is a leader with large or small traffic. One server is changed from one server to one group, it is like a large pipe composed of many water pipes. When you need more water flow, you can directly control your faucet to increase the water flow, and even if all the water pipes are flowing, it will not affect your water flow. What's more, you need to pay for the water flow you need instead of renting water pipes.

3. As for setting up or renting the entire server by yourself, the current economic model is much worse, because you have to buy both the faucet and the water pipe, and you have to purchase them when it is not enough. We all know that the server resource usage is usually 20%, unless the business is very stable, it will not grow significantly, you can consider self-built.

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The rise of ECs

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