The road to testing

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For now, testing in many of the people just stepping into this industry is not very familiar with, they do not even have a lot of knowledge, just listen to people say "do not develop to do test", "do test threshold is relatively low" words, and then Mengmengdongdong said I also want to do tests, Cause many forum new people are posting "I want to learn automation, I want to learn performance" and so on, do not have a good understanding, well to plan their own way to go, and even some of them do not know what the road they will go, blindly follow. Below, I have my test experience to tell you the way I test:

black box Test -based. I think that all things need "foundation", the basis of testing is to start with basic theoretical knowledge, and then have a basic theory and then from the black box test. The black box test looks simple, but it's not easy. A lot of people have just started to think black box Test no technical content, I do not do black box, I want to do white box or automation. In fact, do black box test accumulation of test thinking, these are in the form of virtually, thinking is the key to testing. Black box testing is for you to do the white box or automation of the foundation, no one can one step, I think that want to enter the testing industry, this process must go through, to do a good job testing, this process will take about 3-5 years.

Use black boxes to develop white boxes or automation. With a wealth of test thinking, should consider to white box or automation development, white box and automated testing also need to guide the thinking to better carry out. White box, automation, black box in the test is a means, the purpose of this method is to find software bugs, these three are not who high who low, the three have both advantages and disadvantages, is complementary.

Finally sent to enter the test industry, a new word "Rome Cold day!" ”

The road to testing

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