The role of keyword thesaurus in website optimization

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When we do site optimization, first of all, we must first select the keyword, for small stations, or relatively good choice, according to their own strength and resources to select a number of appropriate competitive degree of keywords can be, and then decorate it to the home page, column pages and detail page on it, but for some of the size of large and medium-sized Web sites, Choosing only a few is often not enough, how they operate, large and medium-sized websites, seo done well, basically have their own thesaurus, that is, the industry inside the keywords are as far as possible to dig out, so that their own site to do a scientific guidance, thesaurus is very important, It basically represents the user in this industry to search for words, that is, the thesaurus represents demand. So specifically, what kind of guidance can a thesaurus have for a website?

1, the word library can do the article editor to write the guide

Thesaurus for the site's editors, there is a great role in guiding, for a good SEO site, their editors write articles, the basic is based on the word library for the guidelines, from the site's title, keyword tags, to the Site page description has a keyword at work, at the beginning of the site, Editors can write articles according to the thesaurus, every keyword inside the thesaurus can write an article, and between the article and the article, to use the corresponding keyword anchor text to better concatenation.

 2, the Thesaurus in the chain of time, also plays an important role

For many SEO, when they are outside the chain, many are to do the home page, even a 90% of the chain is linked to the home page, in fact, this is a misunderstanding, resulting in a great waste of the chain, in fact, a good outside the chain strategy is related to the chain, but also to disperse, here said that the spread is not only to do the home page of the outside chain, But to do a lot of inner pages outside the chain, it is best to ensure that every important page URL has at least one relevant outside the chain, so that the weight of the site transmission is very reasonable, and can promote a large number of long tail keyword in the search engine rankings, traffic will be more balanced, rather than just from the homepage of the site, So how to do this outside the chain, in fact, we can often look at the thesaurus, from the thesaurus to take some important keywords, to these keywords as the benchmark to seek some high-quality, related to the chain, so do out of the chain is basically related to the weight of the site training, as well as the transaction can be important role.

3. The important role of Thesaurus in page integration

For some large and medium-sized websites, when the number of pages reached a certain amount of time, they will be from the site's page, the integration of a number of pages out, so as to promote the collection of Web pages, in the integration of these pages, how to choose the words, that is, the new integrated pages of the key words, how to choose it Thesaurus on the role, they are from the thesaurus to select a group of representative keywords out, to these words as the benchmark to integrate the page.

 4. The function of thesaurus in the construction of website column

In the initial stage of the site, when we make the word library, we can see some laws from the thesaurus, so that the site column settings and choose to play a scientific guiding role, because the thesaurus represents the needs of users, these are the real customer search words, The use of Thesaurus as a guide to set up columns is to be guided by market needs, which is a more scientific approach.

5. The function of thesaurus in improving the page-click rate

The increase of page click rate is closely related to the description of the page. Because in the search engine results page, the page title is as a search results page of a display, if the description is good, you can improve the page hits, then how to write the description, the description will be based on the key words in the library as a benchmark to expand. To show the important fields of this keyword.

In short, if you want to do a website, and intend to do it for a long time, then the thesaurus is essential, and the thesaurus is constantly expanding. Suggest you in the initial stage of the site, to do a thesaurus out, it for the initial structure of the site design, as well as the later guidance, have an irreplaceable role. This article is written by website, reprint please indicate the source, thank you

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