The romance of ice and snow -- brewing with love is a classic

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The romance of ice and snow -- brewing with love is a classic

After reading frozen, my biggest wish is that if I had the magic to do it, when I wanted to build a snowman, I waved my hand and the next big snow, let's take a look at how the North Wind floated across the autumn season of Sebei and spread my thoughts to Anhui. When I want to eat popsicles, I will dance my long sleeves, so that Xia he can see the water and let the fish roam, let the warmth of Anhui pass to Langfang now. The characters in the play are cute and deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. The music is just right, and the melody is used to express the feelings. There is a saying that although everyone is from different countries, however, we have a common language, that is, music. The Romance of ice and snow has brought me a lot of emotion and shock. I really want to know how the director of ice and snow has spent 90 minutes, interpret the theme of "love" perfectly.

"Love" is the lifeline of the ice and snow, the love of Elsa, the love that krithof does not ask for in return, and the blood between Elsa and Anna is thicker than water, love capital is embodied through the relationship between characters, and now xiaobian will lead the readers to review those classic stories in the play with love.

Ice Queen Elsa-self-love and brave

Let's take a look at the Snow Queen Elsa. Elsa is born with super power, and her hands can be frozen in the world. I accidentally hurt my sister when I was playing with her sister Anna, and I was deeply blamed. Her parents also feared that her skill would further hurt others, so they locked her into the depths of the castle and could not see anyone. At the same time, they put on gloves to avoid touching other things. She was afraid of her super power. she blamed herself, self-blame has hurt her sister, and she is afraid that she will destroy the world. All these fears and self-blame have closed her inner, unwilling to contact people, even her own sister. Closed her own heart, vowed to be a "good girl", until the night of the ice and snow, walking alone in the snow, she was deeply touched by her own heart, that is, her Internal Monologue "let it go".

Quiet snow night, The alone Elsa finally had the courage, she no longer let those rules "constraint" themselves, let themselves be a "good girl ". She let go blame herself, let go fear her ability, she wants to create, she wants to see her infinite potential, so we can see that the hands of the frozen world can actually create so many beautiful things, snowman, Castle, snowflake... At this moment, ISA really accepts her own appearance, and when she accepts it, she is so beautiful, And everything she creates is so beautiful. She is no longer a girl from inferiority, but a queen of ice and snow. Look, the dress of Aisa has changed. It is not the dress of the past, but the dress of the Queen, and it has been maintained until the end of the film. She is still her, and still has terrible freezing ability, but because of her own love, she became confident and used her super power to create a beautiful ice and snow kingdom.

ISA shows the power of self-love. Just like her, each of us has an endless potential, but we are afraid to face up to our potential when talking about it. Let's talk about the data center charging system for myself, I am afraid of him. After all, the Code has not been written enough with 50 thousand lines, and I don't have a thorough understanding of the three layers. Let alone the design pattern, I just followed the code, but along the way, now I have completed the acceptance of the cooperation. Although there is still a small bug, I have experienced the process, I grew up. Sometimes, we are afraid that we will not do well, so as to stop moving forward. What follows is a blocking attitude towards learning, but when we try to take the first step, everything has changed. We try to accept new things and believe in ourselves. We find that the computer room charging system that makes us "scared" contains such a powerful knowledge network, it is enough to provide you with great encouragement and keep you on the IT Road.

Snowman OLAF-friendship and dedication

Snowman OLAF is a cute role, which also maintains Disney's consistent characteristics-there will always be a poor guy who adds jokes to the film. However, the OLAF in the film is not only funny, but also the love shown in the body is appealing. It is a role that brings laughter and tears to people.

The snowman was created by the Queen of snow and ice on the night of the snow. It was kind, optimistic, and witty. A little worried about the snowman. The biggest wish of the snowman is to see the summer! This wish is incompatible with his existence. When summer comes, it is also the time when he disappears, but he still looks forward to summer. "Summer" is OLAF Although this dream is not practical, it is beautiful, because OLAF feels that it does not matter whether you can see summer or melt yourself. The most touching thing is that when Anna was betrayed by the prince in the castle, the house was blocked. Wait for your death in cold and lonely ways. Olaf slipped into the house and found the weak Anna. To keep Anna warm, he ignited the fireplace in the house and sat with Anna back to back by the fireplace. Sitting in the fireplace means you melt yourself. OLAF's words here are touching and full of profound significance.

And read these words, when OLAF lit a bonfire and felt the temperature for the first time in his life, he said, "Oh, this is heat, I love it, but don't touch it. we can look at the fire of the fireplace as a metaphor for making love. It is so warm that we feel comfortable. But love is so dangerous, because it makes us fearless and willing to sacrifice ourselves. This is why Olaf then says "don't touch it. Indeed, many times we desire Love, but fear it. Let's look at another sentence. When Olaf stood in front of the fireplace and told Anna creto to love her, he said, "Some people are worth melt ". This is love. When you love someone, your heart will melt and become soft. The moment you persistently fall in love is like the ice and snow seeing the sun. OLAF's saying is love, but he uses his own behavior to interpret friendship like love. When our friendship is in love, our hearts will melt. Just as OLAF does not hesitate to melt itself to accompany Anna, love will melt all the barriers in our hearts.

OLAF is a lovely role. He is an idealist. He sacrifices himself to meet his summer dream, comfort Anna, and sacrifice himself. Under true love, we are brave and unafraid. I think of myself, and I have such a friend around me. During that time, I would like to thank little swallow for giving me a hard time speaking math questions. Thank you, Jiang Xiao and Uncle Chao, for giving me English, thank you for giving me encouragement during the test and reminding me to bring some test tools. Thank you for calling me when I get lost, thank you, Xiao Chen and Hong Xin for taking the light rain to help me find proof of work. Thank you for the Baoding special product that Xiao panpan brought to me. Thank you for the rabbit's Qinghai Mei Zi, thank you, Ying Jie and Qing Jie for bringing me a meal while I have no meal during the summer vacation, thank you for the small cup that Song Jie gave me before work. Thank you for your internship in Beijing. I will reply to the weekly report every week ...... sometimes I am thinking, how can I be so lucky, just like the fate of the darling, let me meet you, Buddha said, the past five hundred times of looking back, in order to get a pass in this life, then, now I need to pass in the past, how many times, in order to get in this life and present, meet your fate, only one sentence, time is getting old, friendship is the only thing that has never been displaced, and you can cherish it!

Klitov-Love and sacrifice

Krito is also a funny role. He joined the adventure because Anna was "encouraging". At first he was reluctant, but after all, Anna bought him tools and carrots, I have to help others. Take people's hands short '(* ← _ ← *)'. When his sled fell into the cliff, he was a little discouraged. He felt that it was not worthwhile to decide to quit. If it weren't for his reindeer to run with Anna, it was estimated that he ran early.

On his journey, he gradually liked anna, a brave and enthusiastic girl, but he did not dare to confess. Maybe he had a bit of inferiority. First, I heard that Anna was engaged to the Prince. He felt that he had no hope. Second, their identities were too different. One is a princess and the other is a farmer. He feels that he is not worthy of the princess. Therefore, the mentality in the klitov film is very interesting. He has a sincere love for Anna, but he can only be deeply buried in his heart. But it is also such a conflict that reflects the dedication in love.

What is most evident in this is that, even though there is a reluctance in the heart to let Anna restore her by kissing the prince, she decided to send her back to the castle to see the prince. We can imagine his mood, regret, sadness, or even jealousy. But his love for Anna eventually makes a decision, and he does not want to possess Anna, instead, she gave up her wish for her life. Simple and sincere, although not thrilling, it makes people feel full of perseverance. Love does make people have a strong sense of possessiveness, but over-focusing on possessiveness is not true love. Although they are not from the heart to the ancient, but they will be able to end the ancient.

Anna-family, inclusive

In the end, let's talk about the heroine Anna. It should be said that Anna has gathered all her love. She is brave, enthusiastic, and strong. Anna is brave. She dares to walk into the forest and look for her sister. Anna is enthusiastic. She treats every friend she meets on the road. Anna is strong and she has no fear or fear, even if she is hurt again, she still loves her sister...

In addition to being brave and enthusiastic, Anna shows a feature of love-tolerance. When she was a child, she hurt her when she was playing, but she didn't mind. She still tried to melt her sister's heart. When she hurt her heart again with ice, she still didn't hate her sister, she still hopes to help her sister out of the closed circle with her own love, even if she sacrifices her own life for her sister.

Many times we love others, but others do not appreciate it. As a result, our hearts are hurt and we don't trust each other any more. We close our hearts. But love is so powerful, it brings us pain, but at the same time there is always enough power to make us heal. All of this requires tolerance, instant injury, and the power of love. This is what Anna taught us best. When I think of my little sister, I still remember that at a young age, when I release my hand, I will lose you. In the crowd, I see you crying and holding ice cream in my hand. Sometimes, I feel sad and angry, you always have a way to make me happy, still clear, memories of the time that once smiled and tears, our order of life, in the same room, you are my only one, each step of the future is one step ahead of each other's dreams. Sometimes the road is full of rain, and you must hold your hands tight. I am thinking about you in the north. Even if I forget my sister's birthday every time, she will call her on her own birthday and say, sister, guess what day it is. When I was in high school, she called my mother and said, "I miss my sister. She doesn't want me to do anything. She doesn't call me ", now I am with you, one in the north and the other in the south. Whenever the sun goes down, I yell at you in that direction. I miss you. Have you heard me?

In this regard, "ice and snow romance", I feel deeply shocked by the fact that it can pass out so many faces of love in just 90 minutes and pass out love, affection, love and affection. It is so clever, funny, but philosophical, that I can't help but scream for her, and let go.

Small message

Anna in "ice and snow romance" is a "female" according to the current standards. She is brave, strong, and independent. She has a firm determination to find her sister. Xiao Bian believes that this fairy tale drama encourages girls, especially little girls watching movies! Girls can also be brave! Confident! Girls also have endless potential. In addition to appearance, they are also so beautiful! These are also a value held by American film and television works and even the American Society for Women: the American society respects women and does not treat women as canary care, instead, they strive to awaken their self-consciousness-women and men are equally competent! Therefore, in American society, women are relatively independent. They work as boys, play basketball, play football, and watch Rebecca in the United States. Her mother left early. Over the years, I took care of my elderly father and younger brother. I played several jobs during the day and night, but the stress in my life didn't make her sink. She played and she had her own team, she has her own girlfriends and dreams. She traveled to her hometown for her own music dream. All in all, fairy tale drama has a subtle influence on American girls and conveys these values. May the girls of the 10th stage organize their costumes and prepare for the soft test, such as the ice and snow princess in the play, and use their endless potential to create a beautiful ice and snow kingdom in the soft test.

The romance of ice and snow -- brewing with love is a classic

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