The same labor, why the result is different?

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There is a poor, because eat not enough to wear warm and tears in front of the Buddha, tell the hardships of life, every day to work tired half-dead but not earn a few money. He complained: "This society is too unfair, why the rich are leisurely every day, and the poor should be suffering every day to be affected?" Buddha smiled and asked: "How do you feel fair?" The poor man hurried to say: "Let the rich and I as poor, do the same job, if the rich and the rich I will no longer complain." "

Buddha nodded: "All right!" "After saying that Buddha has turned a rich man into a poor person. and gave them a mountain, every day to dig out the coal that day can be sold to buy food, the deadline for one months to dig the light coal mountain poor and rich excavation together, the poor are usually used to the menial work, digging coal this job is a piece of cake, he quickly dug a car coal, pull to the market to sell money, with all the money he bought Take home to the wife and children Jiechan. The rich usually did not do heavy work, digging for a while, but also tired of sweating. In the evening only reluctantly dug a car pulled to the market to buy, for the money he only bought a few hard steamed bread, the rest of the money has been left up.

The next day the poor got up early to start digging coal, but the rich went to the bazaar. They will bring back two poor people, the two poor stature, they without further ado began to dig coal for the rich, while the rich stand on the side of the supervision of the finger. Only one morning the rich man commanded two poor men to dig up a few cars of coal, the rich man sold the coal and hired a few laborers, one day, he except to pay workers, the rest of the money than the poor to earn more than a few times.

One months soon passed, the poor only dug a corner of the coal mountain, every day to buy the money to eat good drink, basically no surplus. And the rich have long been directing workers to dig out the coal mountain, made a lot of money, he used the money to invest in doing business, and soon became rich. As it turns out, the poor are no longer complaining. success is not how much you can do, but how many people you can borrow to do. by the power of others, by the power of the tool, the power of the platform, thus found the lever of the point, to pry the whole world!

The same labor, why the result is different?

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